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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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Despite Grondahl's assurances, Daily News Egypt observed that the project is directly painting over revolutionary art on the wall of the Greek Campus on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, but it is the whitewashing of one particular caricature that appears to reveal a more long-running antipathy between Grondahl and the graffitists.
72) And the law is clear that when trespassers, such as graffitists, place fixtures on property, the common law grants the rights in those fixtures to the landowner.
Using easy, swift media " like spray paints, markers and stencils " the graffitists merge colours, creating a whole exquisite image that communicates personal, social or political messages instantly.
At wit's end with the tagging, stickering, and just plain battering that can turn brand-new racks into barely operable eyesores within a single week, the San Francisco Bay Area alt-weekly last year tried inviting graffitists and other street artists to spray-paint new racks, which were coated with a sealant and set out on the streets.
Who were these graffitists scratching and penning their marks for posterity?
Holmes emphasizes that these stories elevate everyone into the position of the artist: here, graffitists, torture victims, and city travelers all produce dissenting language to counter political oppression.
While one can't deny the SI's significance, especially for politically minded artists, graffitists, political theorists, geographers, urban planners, and forward-looking architects, it's always bewildering to discover people who readily describe their output as art.
In Philadelphia, the Mural Arts Program "has facilitated the creation of over twenty-five hundred murals throughout the city" by reaching out to graffitists, giving them positive artistic examples and re-directing their energies towards "youth development and neighborhood revitalization.
In quantity and in the hands of a crowd of graffitists, they can transform the lower reaches of a dull building--for at least the life of the batteries.
But the script on the bottom half of the poster is uniquely New York Rican and articulates Soto's appreciation of the outlaw typography favored by subway graffitists who popularized "bubble style" letters in New York.
Stencil graffitists play with these conventions, instructing the public to beware of existential hazards.
I don't want to say he wasn't "just" doing graffiti, because I think there were graffitists who were doing some interesting things.
Cyberdelinquents who use their knowledge of information security to compromise a Web site and deface an organization's Web page may be nothing more than a nuisance, the online equivalent of the graffitists who spray-paint their initials on brick walls.
Sexual scandals always present the nation's graffitists with an ideal opportunity to invent new jokes, but now that the Clinton-Lewinsky affair has been admitted, what's the point?
Just a few months ago, for instance, the Chicago Transit Authority announced that it had saved over $4 million in cleaning and anti-vandalism costs by creating "permission wall" murals to provide an outlet for the work of graffitists.