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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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The graffitists in this phase call the scribing "tagging," refering to either individual tagging or extended tagging called "gang writing.
Graffitists can perhaps be forgiven for not wanting to see estate agents doing it on the weekend to wind down after a tough week of auctions.
Despite Grondahl's assurances, Daily News Egypt observed that the project is directly painting over revolutionary art on the wall of the Greek Campus on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, but it is the whitewashing of one particular caricature that appears to reveal a more long-running antipathy between Grondahl and the graffitists.
It's permissive enough to make sure that it really targets the graffitists you have, on a case-to-case basis," she said, "while also ensuring that you address the problem of restitution to the property owner.
582) argues that "most of the New York graffitists have been black and Puerto Rican youth," and that "some of the best subway artists are youths of Italian and other national origins.
graffitists galore, neo-Feminists inquiring after bondage porn.
You also imply that Bahraini graffitists are only capable of writing in Arabic, which is also an incorrect assumption on your part based on what everyone can clearly see driving through Janabiyah and Saar.
The graffitists have a "cordial relationship" with the wall, which serves as an outlet for their suppressed ideas and feelings, and the public's window into them.
Just imagine: a battalion of gawping graffitists, shoplifters, boom-box boys and girl gangsters dressed in pink, feather-trimmed jump suits with matching pink rubber gloves and pink bobble hats being marched off to sweep the streets, scrub the walls and pick up litter under the watchful eyes of klaxon-voiced Kim and her sidekick Aggie ("Ooh, they make me want to throw up") MacKenzie.
Depending on one's age and location, others less so--such as the John Howard Ladies' Auxiliary Fan Club, the Sydney House of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence, the anti-uranium and land rights activist, 'Uncle' Kevin Buzzacott, or BUGA-UP, a group of well-organised after-dark graffitists who altered billboards that advertised cigarettes, beauty aids and McDonalds.
Who were these graffitists scratching and penning their marks for posterity?