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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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Who were these graffitists scratching and penning their marks for posterity?
At the end of the book (where Macdonald gives space for interviewee feedback) this assertion is hotly contested by male graffitists, as if surprised that their subculture is so typical of the mainstream in this respect; but the lone female voice supports Macdonald's claims.
5 ALEXONE A French-born, Brussels-based graffitist, illustrator, and artist, Alexone has an inimitable style that is always full of humor, whether he is working on city walls or on canvases.
One would have to stop thinking of them as avatars of something like Color Field painting--immaterial vehicles for the occasional ideogram--and start thinking of them in terms suggested by Leiris in 1929 when he spoke of these works as "not so much painted as dirtied," and saw the grounds as ruined walls awaiting the attack of the graffitist.
However, another graffitist working with Abo Bakr felt that the issue was more important than a clash of personalities: "We have remained quiet for two years and did not comment on any of the issues going on between Egypt's revolutionary artist-community and Mia Grondahl.
At its most basic, graffiti appears to be produced in haste, as though the graffitist were afraid of being caught by the cops.
The graffitists have a "cordial relationship" with the wall, which serves as an outlet for their suppressed ideas and feelings, and the public's window into them.
Just imagine: a battalion of gawping graffitists, shoplifters, boom-box boys and girl gangsters dressed in pink, feather-trimmed jump suits with matching pink rubber gloves and pink bobble hats being marched off to sweep the streets, scrub the walls and pick up litter under the watchful eyes of klaxon-voiced Kim and her sidekick Aggie ("Ooh, they make me want to throw up") MacKenzie.
Depending on one's age and location, others less so--such as the John Howard Ladies' Auxiliary Fan Club, the Sydney House of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence, the anti-uranium and land rights activist, 'Uncle' Kevin Buzzacott, or BUGA-UP, a group of well-organised after-dark graffitists who altered billboards that advertised cigarettes, beauty aids and McDonalds.
While one can't deny the SI's significance, especially for politically minded artists, graffitists, political theorists, geographers, urban planners, and forward-looking architects, it's always bewildering to discover people who readily describe their output as art.
In quantity and in the hands of a crowd of graffitists, they can transform the lower reaches of a dull building--for at least the life of the batteries.
Stencil graffitists play with these conventions, instructing the public to beware of existential hazards.
Cyberdelinquents who use their knowledge of information security to compromise a Web site and deface an organization's Web page may be nothing more than a nuisance, the online equivalent of the graffitists who spray-paint their initials on brick walls.
Sexual scandals always present the nation's graffitists with an ideal opportunity to invent new jokes, but now that the Clinton-Lewinsky affair has been admitted, what's the point?
Just a few months ago, for instance, the Chicago Transit Authority announced that it had saved over $4 million in cleaning and anti-vandalism costs by creating "permission wall" murals to provide an outlet for the work of graffitists.