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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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But as the momentum of collective action and protest was extinguished in recent times, so too did the work of the graffitists.
Not only are graffitists at risk of criminal prosecution but property owners are subject to civil and criminal penalties for harboring graffiti on their land.
Who were these graffitists scratching and penning their marks for posterity?
Anyone attending to the electoral dialogue in the weeks and months running up to the election could not have been unaware that all, or nearly all, the moral fervor was on the Kerry side, which numbered among its more fervent adherents the thoughtful graffitist who inscribed on a public refuse bin near my office the elegant equation: "Bush = Hitler.
Beneath the tarmac: the beach," wrote a 1968 Paris graffitist.
The graffitist can express individualism and gain permanence through a discourse that features uniquely created images.
The sum, 3,422 sestertii, would have bought the graffitist enough grain to support fifteen to twenty adults for a year.
With a name made (usually an alias chosen both for connotation and visual impact), the young graffitist can graduate onto `throw-ups' (in which their name is written in outline then filled in) and then--with reputation established and paint-handling skills mastered--they move onto large, illustrative `pieces' often incorporating their name obliquely into a complex design.
I've never forgotten the graffitist I once passed, who was carefully painting a giant "E" on a wall.
Yet, in one slapdash gesture, an anonymous graffitist undercuts the edict, if only by pointing out that this ostensibly regulatory image itself illustrates the very activity it aims to outlaw: oh wow, exclaims the receiver; the giver, mouth full, purrs--MMMMMMMMM.
By focusing on local underground graphic productions, some with commercial appeal, "Transfer" extended the definition of "rebellious Brazilian artist" from an adventurous graffitist who tags public property to a provocative artist/designer working in a studio, often with clearly mercantile goals.
Monsieur Chat--known in the US as, simply, (C)--is a French graffitist and founder of the artists' collective CHAT (Harmonious Community of Taciturn Artists).
One would have to stop thinking of them as avatars of something like Color Field painting--immaterial vehicles for the occasional ideogram--and start thinking of them in terms suggested by Leiris in 1929 when he spoke of these works as "not so much painted as dirtied," and saw the grounds as ruined walls awaiting the attack of the graffitist.
In a society that honours the armed resistance, street art that commemorates Falintil begins to make a further connection between the young graffitists and their nation through its invocation and representation of the nation's heroes and evocation of their memory and suffering.
Archy and Frank had climbed the pyramids and carved their names and the year in the ancient stone, as many graffitists did before them; they were creating memorials to themselves and to their enduring friendship.