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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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The firstever graffiti festival took place in Baku in 2016.
A presidential directive three years ago lifted the ban on matatu graffiti but public service vehicle operators still have run-ins with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) over "vulgar, explicit and demoralising" images.
The product is a semi-viscous liquid used to remove graffiti, inks, and paints from metal, concrete, and wood.
Part of graffiti and street art's universal appeal is that they allow viewers an understanding of certain urban milieu; in other words, they offer the voyeuristic pleasure of safely entering a subcultural story of a place without resorting to the hegemonic official histories.
Deputy Premier and Police Minister Liza Harvey said the Liberal National Government had delivered another major election commitment by creating a stand-alone graffiti offence which carried significant maximum penalties of a $24,000 fine and/or two years behind bars.
GRC has looked outward to expanding partnerships with cities and mayors to provide assistance and guidance to cities faced with graffiti vandalism.
It follows the appearance at the weekend of graffiti in the West Wirral constituency of Merseyside's only Tory MP, saying "McVey murderer".
More than 150 artists from all over the world converged in Jumeirah near the Beach Park on Saturday to complete the record bid for the world's longest graffiti scroll.
Pastaruosius pora desimtmeciu socialiniu ir humanitariniu mokslu atstovai graffiti ivertina kaip legitimu tyrimo objekta: antropologai ji nagrineja kaip specifine miesto jaunimo subkultura (Ramanauskaite 1999, 2004), kriminologai --kaip viesosios erdves deviacija (Kane 2009; Snyder 2006; Halsey, Young 2006), sociolingvistai--kaip hibridine urbanistines aplinkos kalbine raiska (Jorgensen 2008), semiotikai --kaip specifine zenklu ir reiksmiu sistema, kuriancia miesto ikonosfera (Chmielewska 2005, 2007).
Summary: Usually associated with hip hop and rap culture, graffiti is widely perceived to be a form of vandalism rather than art.
During the Arab spring, graffiti has served as one of the most essential mass communications media due to its ability to effectively convey relatable, but unique, political ideas.
Karachi -- Sectarian graffiti on Karachi walls is contributing to flame tension in the city, as the administration is not able to stop provocative wall chalking.
Marjorie Penailillo (Gigi) is a visual artist, a professional graffiti writer, and a master printmaker.
RHODRI EVANS I've seen and appreciated the graffiti on the ship located at Mostyn - some of the graffiti has been created by some of the world's best graffiti artists.
Graffiti - also known as tags, pops up here and there in Worcester, it gets cleaned up, and it pops up again, in the same place or a different spot.