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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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It follows the appearance at the weekend of graffiti in the West Wirral constituency of Merseyside's only Tory MP, saying "McVey murderer".
As incidences of graffiti continue to rise across the country, municipalities are adopting policies that require rapid graffiti removal--the Valspar Graffiti Resistant system will allow our customers to meet those requirements with the products they already know and trust.
More than 150 artists from all over the world converged in Jumeirah near the Beach Park on Saturday to complete the record bid for the world's longest graffiti scroll.
Building on the success of the first two decades, GRC will expand its efforts with the business community by offering resources that highlight innovative methods of graffiti prevention through new technologies, will partner with communities in support of urban art to beautify neighborhoods, and will provide opportunities for communities to benchmark their efforts and learn from other successful programs.
Minister for Crime Prevention Edward O Donohue, Liberal candidate for Yan Yean Sam Ozturk, and Member for Northern Victoria Region Amanda Millar today presented a specialist graffiti removal system to the agricultural society, saying it will be an essential tool in combatting graffiti.
The eco-friendly system restores surfaces using media including nut shells and other natural substances to remove unsightly - and illegal - graffiti.
BEIRUT: Usually associated with hip hop and rap culture, graffiti is widely perceived to be a form of vandalism rather than art.
When the citizens leave their homes in morning to commute to their workplace the first thing they see is this provocative graffiti.
Although I don't agree with the idea of using the ship as an art piece - the ship should be scrapped - the quality of the graffiti cannot be ignored.
Graffiti - also known as tags, pops up here and there in Worcester, it gets cleaned up, and it pops up again, in the same place or a different spot.
Part of Lerner's "On the Radar" nonfiction picturebook series, Graffiti Culture teaches young adults about the tremendous impact urban graffiti art has had on human culture throughout history, and continues to have in the modern day.
Graffiti artist and author of Graff: The Art & Technique of Graffiti, Martinez presents this second look at graffiti technique focusing on discovering one's creative style and soul.
Graffiti has evolved into a fascinating method of self-expression in Egypt these days, emerging calmly a few months before the revolution then exploding with the events of January 25.
ISTANBUL, July 19, 2011 (TUR) -- Istanbul will host an international graffiti festival on July 24.