graduated tax

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any tax in which the rate increases as the amount subject to taxation increases

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One exception is that graduated tax rates will apply to the first 36 months after the death of an individual for that individual's estate, provided a designation is.
1348, a taxpayer was not entitled to the benefits of the maximum graduated tax rate limitation on personal service income if capital was a material income-producing factor with respect to that service.
Motorcyclists will pay a graduated tax depending on the fuel efficiency of their bikes.
IRC section 448(d)(2) imposed a flat tax rate of 35% on the taxable income of qualified personal service corporations, prohibiting them from using the graduated tax rates of 15% to 35% available to most corporations.
A flat tax is better than the 7 million-word graduated tax code we have now because it does not punish anybody, including the investors, the savers and the retired.
The marginal rate applicable to the last dollar of taxable income is expected to vary by year in a taxing jurisdiction that has graduated tax rates.