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a student who continues studies after graduation

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We don't know where we stand," said Embley, the Texas Tech graduate student.
We applaud today's introduction of the Graduate Student Savings Act, and urge lawmakers to support graduate students as they seek to invest in their futures.
Core events were the graduate student social, the meet-and-greet breakfast with senior faculty and department heads, the professional development roundtable, and the GSI business meeting.
Perhaps as important as graduate students' ability to teach, is their ability to understand and apply ethics in graduate student Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).
Our graduate students will participate in cutting-edge research that aligns with Qatar National Vision 2030 for sustainable development.
Most of our graduate-specific programming accords with what Sohui Lee and Chris Golde call the Just Write model, which prioritizes providing structured time and space for graduate student writing (2).
Any graduate student enrolled in an accredited counseling program is eligible to apply for the scholarship.
White students compose 72% of the graduate student population, followed by Black students at 13%, Hispanic/ Latino students at 8%, Asian students at 6%, and American Indian students at 1% (Bell, 2011).
Other graduate students who wish to participate this year should contact CCTE Executive Secretary Alan Jones or complete the application form that is posted on the CCTE website (see membership page for more detailed description of the Graduate Student Support Program and the application form).
An increase in the number of graduate student instructors teaching courses may have effects on the graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty, administrators, and external perceptions of the unit or institution (Nadler & Cundiff, 2009; Park, 2004).
What we do know is that there are few professional development opportunities for graduate student instructors and even fewer opportunities specifically focused on service-learning (L.
I would recommend that faculty in the humanities meet with their co-op and career centres to discuss tracking graduate student outcomes and supporting graduate students in developing strong career management competencies throughout their degree.
However, China continues to be the largest source of international graduate students, representing 34 per cent of all international graduate students in the US, according to the survey.
Furthermore, many faculty members were unaware of important developments among the graduate student community, such as a suicide of a graduate student the year before (Powell, 1998).
Zenger and Tirabassi's narrative is a cautionary tale of what can go wrong when graduate student administrators are given the responsibility of supervising the day-today activities yet lack professional protection and mentorship.
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