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a student who continues studies after graduation

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Deconstructing Hydrologies: Reviving the Memory of Water in Dumbarton Oaks Park by Elizabeth Anderson, Associate ASLA, a graduate student at the University of Washington
Any graduate student enrolled in an accredited counseling program is eligible to apply for the scholarship.
Other graduate students who wish to participate this year should contact CCTE Executive Secretary Alan Jones or complete the application form that is posted on the CCTE website (see membership page for more detailed description of the Graduate Student Support Program and the application form).
One concern that surfaced repeatedly, however, in my conversations with those delivering graduate student professional skills programming and--more to the point--with graduate students themselves, was a shared concern that without sufficient faculty buy-in, professional skills programs cannot prosper.
The development, located on Evans Avenue on the east of campus, will include 132 one- and two-bedroom units targeted at the University s graduate students and graduate students with families.
An effective and low-cost alternative to programs like Scholar's Retreat, DBCs emerged in 2005 to become a popular means of supporting graduate student writers by providing writing space, dedicated writing time, and motivation in a community setting.
The study involved the administration of the survey to 483 upper-level undergraduate and graduate students at a medium size regional comprehensive university.
A unique study-abroad component will bring MCNY graduate students to Israel for a ten-day review of global security issues and security training.
With this background, the next team of graduate student action researchers began working with the school counselors at the site beginning in the fall of 2001.
Her contributions (cart-wheeling and otherwise) to graduate student life were recognized this spring when she received the Panteleyev Award, given annually to a graduating student in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program who best exemplifies the commitment to improving the graduate education experience at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
For example, to date I have supervised the graduate work of 16 Master's students and 18 doctoral students; of these six have received awards, such as graduate student award of the American Chemical Society and best IPST student.
I am a graduate student at Florida State University, and will be producing my thesis MFA concert this fall.
Being a Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant and Private Teacher/Six graduate students will present the session that focuses on the demands and stresses graduate students with teaching assistantships face as they work toward their degrees.
This article introduces the Graduate Student Research Award Competition and is an appeal for high-quality paper submissions from the departments offering graduate degrees.
Three years ago, Zettl and graduate student John Cumings found that the interior tubes of a multiwalled carbon nanotube could move freely within the more exterior tubes (SN: 7/29/00, p.
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