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a school in a university offering study leading to degrees beyond the bachelor's degree

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Students that form relationships with professors through teaching and research assistant positions, conduct independent research projects for faculty, and present research at conferences (with faculty co-authors or sponsors) are more prepared for graduate school than those who do not form these relationships (Huss, et al.
Yet just as freshmen often have trouble adjusting to college writing, graduate students rarely write like professionals in their discipline when they enter graduate school.
Minorities report that, by rigorously exploring how to succeed, IE demystifies graduate school More importantly, students note that IE provides an opportunity to contemplate in an entrepreneurial fashion how to utilize their intellectual capital to give back to the community.
DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management is one of the largest accredited part-time graduate schools in the U.
Keller Graduate School of Management's Indianapolis center offers master's degree programs in accounting and financial management, business administration, human-resource management, information-systems management, network and communications management, project management and public administration.
Although I was not young (I had had a career before going back to graduate school in my mid-thirties), I was almost entirely unaware of the tides and eddies of the great ocean of historical research and writing that now lay before me.
This summer Kohn will once again lead the course "The New Office Building: Technologies, Programs, and Designs" at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
One need only to review the extensive number of variables in the graduate psychology application process to become aware of a need for a systematic approach to undergraduate preparation for application to graduate school.
One of the questions asked in this survey was: What is the nature of the administrative setup for admitting students to the graduate school in your institution?
Under his leadership, Young helped establish three graduate schools - the Graduate School of Law, the George L.
In the mid 1970s I was denied the right to teach a course at the City University of New York Graduate School on the general topic of the history of human sexuality; the subject was not a legitimate one for scholarly inquiry, I was told, and students would not sign up for such a course.
Country's Largest and Fastest-Growing Sustainability-Focused Graduate School Hails Sixth Anniversary with Record Enrollment and New Board Members
The good news is that Harvard--along with the Columbia University School of Business (NY), the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management (IL), the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and others--has added a core ethics course to its curriculum.
The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business is one of the world's premier business schools, For more than a century, our innovations in business education and our pathbreaking research have produced ideas and leaders that shape the world of business.
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