graduate nurse

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someone who has completed the course of study (including hospital practice) at a nurses training school

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In the 2010 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, nursing practice and education must be transformed to support nurses along the continuum of nursing, including the transitioning of new graduate nurses.
Nurse educators need to be familiar with techniques identified in the literature and in this article that have been successful with new graduate nurse transition programs (Hansen, 2014; Xu, 2016).
Best practices of formal new graduate nurse transition programs: An integrative review.
These assigned tracks were posted at the nurse's station so that the charge nurses could work to correctly assign patients to each particular new graduate nurse.
Myriad research studies have been conducted in an attempt to identify factors contributing to the mass exodus of new graduate nurses from the profession (Candela & Bowles, 2005; Casey, Fink, Krugman, & Propst, 2004; Duchscher, 2009; Halfer & Graf, 2006; McKenna, Smith, Poole, & Coverdale, 2003).
The scenario also addressed concerns of new graduate nurses, who often express anxiety when caring for a patient with a unique spinal cord surgery.
To explore the level of preparedness of graduates doing postgraduate education within the Graduate Nurse Programme 1.
New graduate nurses leave their first nursing position at an alarming rate.
367 offered graduate (masters) programs in nursing 323 offered graduate nurse practitioner education (88% of all graduate nursing programs) Graduates from Masters Programs in Nursing (N = 334 respondent schools) NP (66%) and combined NP/CNS (1.
MLSO graduates now receive an annual salary of pounds 7,476 a year, just over half the salary of a graduate nurse, whilst checkout assistants in High Street supermarkets may net more than pounds 9,000.
Graduate Nurse Practitioner Program Opts for MedAppz Integrated Scheduling, EHR, and Billing Technology; Finds it Affordable, Secure, Helpful for Compliance
Acute care nurse vacancy rates of 8%-10% are reported widely, with general turnover rates of 13% and new graduate nurse turnover of 18%-50% (Spiva et al.
However, the current orientation process, preceptor programs, and residency programs play a limited role in the socialization of a new graduate nurse.
The New Mexico Nurses Association recently established the New Graduate Nurse Advisory Committee, designed to assist prospective and recent graduates.
Graduate nurse Sean Kearns said less than minimum wage is not good enough.
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