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Synonyms for gradualness

the property possessed by a slope that is very gradual

the quality of being gradual or of coming about by gradual stages

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And his advice is applicable to life for the simple reason that we have to keep that gradualness in adjustment, whether it will be with parents or children, or husband or wife.
8) There is also a stress on "multi-angled" globalisation and the dynamics, gradualness and inevitability of globalisation.
That gradualness is one reason that researchers are alarmed at the CT scans and MRIs administered to children, given that their rapidly dividing cells are highly susceptible to the torments of irradiation.
This is true of around eighty-five percent of derivations, while the other fifteen percent require hypothetical predicates between two attested forms so as to satisfy the aim of gradualness.
Traugott, Elizabeth Closs and Graeme Trousdale (2008) "Gradience, gradualness and grammaticalization".
Moreover, the panel may also end up as the arbitrator, under Article 22(6), that decides the proportionality, gradualness and compatibility of the countermeasures put into effect by the winning state due to the disregard for the implementations of the initial recommendations by the losing state.
Lambeth Conference 1958, Resolution 32, Church Unity and the Church Universal--West Africa, stated: "The Conference, while recognising the weight to be attached to arguments in favour of retaining the model of the Church of South India and the policy of gradualness therein expressed, but aware also of the desire within the Province that from the outset full communion should be maintained between Churches of the Anglican Communion and any united Church which might be formed, strongly recommends to the Province of West Africa further consideration of the Ceylon scheme as a model, since only so does it seem likely that the desired result will be achieved" (www.
Evatt's view was that "Communism illustrates the gradualness, the extreme gradualness, of inevitability".
everything] changed with the same slow gradualness with which our planet's geological changes take place' (p.
A purported scalar nature of law may not be derived from the gradualness of the evolution of normative systems, either.
Emphasis was placed on the gradualness with which this process may be undertaken.
My success has been down to the inevitability of gradualness - I was a plodder.
10) The conclusion of Hale's chapter sounds a bit contradictory: after having denied the importance of gradualness in linguistic change, he writes (p.
As reporters continued to press on whether he was backing away from what Casey and Khalilzad had seemingly announced, he continued to insist on the gradualness of the process.
As has been noted, "although we expect abrupt substitution of one sound for another in cases of language contact, such finer-grained data as we possess point to the phonetic gradualness of internal changes" (Mowrey & Pagliuca, 1995: 43).