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the quality of being gradual or of coming about by gradual stages

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controllability and graduality, Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday.
2) Lightfoot (1991) tries to incorporate aspects of graduality in his accounts of language change (according to Harris--Campbell 1995:[section][section]2.
The three future Presidencies say they want to ensure that debates on clean resources and spending take place simultaneously, "respecting the principles of sufficiency, graduality, equity and solidarity, while the balance of reforms and stability in expenditure must be kept".
is required to serve his or her sentence in a penitentiary"); a graduality requirement (so as to avoid flooding the prison with inmates); a maximum aggregate requirement (the "maximum number of Inmates on each day.
This can be seen as an application of the graduality principle at the basic heading level, which is just the practical consequence of the simultaneous application of the two principles of product comparability, i.
The graduality of the decay is then declared by the narrator in describing Satan's appearance to the assembled hosts, "their visages and stature as of gods" (i.
Long histories of mutual mistrust made graduality a key feature of both agreements.
13 document also appeared to reflect a move among the prelates from legal exactness in adherence to church teaching to graduality, a theological notion that people can grow in their holiness or in their adherence to church teaching overtime.
Harmony, patience, graduality and progression are among the most key factors behind the sustainability and progress of the GCC experiment.
Mr Cucic believes that the process of "political graduality and realisation" would embody the principle of sacrifice required to take the country into a new stage in its relations with the EU, and that once these refugees have been brought back home, integrated socially and economically, their perceived positive contribution to a future flourishing economy would outweigh the "disadvantages" of their return to the country.
36) Later, the Italian ethicist Guido Davanzo proposed the law of graduality as another casuistic device which would allow for the provision of condom information without compromising existing church teaching.
In this way the polarity and selectivity of mobile phases may be varied continuously during the analysis, with the extension and graduality more suitable for optimum peak separations (4).