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arranged in a sequence of grades or ranks

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To date Collectors Universe has graded and authenticated 8.
Collectors Universe CEO David Hall commented: "The sale of a PSA graded sportscard is important to both the sportscard market and PSA.
Based upon our information, all third-party graded sportscards sold for in excess of $50,000 have been graded by PSA.
Since 1986, the company has authenticated and graded over 8.
This news release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to: acceptance by the collectible stamp market for graded stamps, submission rates for grading of stamps, realized average grading fees, development of a sight-unseen market for the sale of graded stamps, our company's limited operating history, potential fluctuations in quarterly operating results, seasonality, competition, a possible decline in the popularity and realized selling prices of some high-end collectibles, the limited availability of high-end collectibles and the risk that Internet based e-commerce providers could make exclusive arrangements with our competitors or other service providers.
Once a card's authenticity is determined, it is graded using PSA's highly successful 1 to 10 scale -- 1 being Poor to Fair and 10 being Gem Mint.
Once authenticated and graded, each Pokemon(TM) card is sonically sealed in a patented tamper-evident display case.
After being authenticated and graded, the stamps will be sealed in a tamper-evident holder with a label describing the stamp, its assigned grade, and a unique certification number.
1) The Wilson graded schools, one for white children and one for black children, had closed in 1884, and the editor now hoped to persuade merchants and planters in and about Wilson to finance the white graded school privately, although not the school for black children.
The first major auction sale containing only numerically third-party graded stamps realized a total of $1,035,000 (all prices include the 15% buyer's premium), well over the presale estimate of $700,000, with 96% of the lots sold by value.
If it is merely to have twelve grades at the end of the term or that departmental policy requires that all work be graded, these will become ends in themselves, and the interpretation of the final assigned grade will become even more difficult.
For nearly a quarter century I taught, discussed, assigned, assessed, and graded, in some order or another.
The concept of bringing fans authenticated memorabilia and graded cards in one package is an exciting one," said Beckett.