grade separation

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a crossing that uses an underpass or overpass

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South Lander Street Grade Separation & Railroad Safety Project, $45 million.
Its current level of cash flow is not enough to finance interest bearing liabilities, which have increased because of a large amount of capital investments including construction of railroad grade separation near Chofu Station and investments for safe railroad operations.
Company specializes is solving site grade separation problems.
Metro's proposal also involves building a grade separation at Lassen Street, over the railroad tracks used by Metrolink and Union Pacific trains, allowing the bus to safely pull into the train station.
But there are other factors to be considered, such as the cost of providing grade separation, the environmental cost of building these roads as well as the need to allow local people access.
Offered with a range of options, including locks, forklift pockets and paper feed dividers for grade separation
He got the funding and is now focusing on building the first grade separation in 50 years, which will be the only east-west grade separation in the city.
was apparent low bidder on the City of Houston Hirsch Road Grade Separation, with a bid of $22.
One of the major benefits they offer over other barriers, according to the spokesperson, is the industrial grade separation that can noticeably bring down heating and cooling costs.
The construction of grade separation facility at ZPI consists of total 19 major structures, including bridges, overhead structures and underpasses with road widening on three major highways namely Islamabad Highway, Kashmir Highway and Shahrah-e-Suhrawardy with loops and slip roads in clover leaf configuration.
Options include locks, colors and paper feed dividers for grade separation
A grade separation at Gilman Springs Road was added after work on the road widening had already begun.
Grade separation of the Main South Road/Ayliffes Road/Shepherds Hill Road intersection
Projects include a grade separation in Palmdale for a railroad crossing along Rancho Vista Boulevard and Sierra Highway; widening the westbound Ronald Reagan Freeway off-ramp at Tampa Avenue; building a bike path along the Pacoima Wash and improving pedestrian walkways in downtown San Fernando.
If we wish to cite near neighbours as exemplars of good practice in creating a modern railway we only have to look across at France with its TGV and Spain with its system allowing grade separation for slow and express trains.