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Not only grade schoolers, but high school students and adult workers deserve time for the kind of leisure that fosters creativity and sustains a lifelong interest in learning.
The hundreds of screaming grade schoolers were treated to brand-new San Diego Padres binders and packs of baseball cards.
Meanwhile, grade schoolers from Emerson School in Chelsea, Michigan, act as Internet "tour guides" for residents of the Chelsea Retirement Center, teaching them how to get around in cyberspace and master other computer applications as well.
While the subject was candy - a topic near and clear to the hearts of most kids - the lessons provided by the grade schoolers went far beyond the confections category.
grade schoolers held lower standards for math achievement and helped less effectively with math homework than did Asian parents.
Educational facilities may also have direct links to productivity; but many years must pass before today's grade schoolers can enter the work force, so any connection between improved educational facilities and increased output per hour would not be contemporaneous.
The company broke new ground in early 2012 by being the first premium organic brand to offer a complete line of organic, nutritionally sound foods for kids of all ages, from babies to grade schoolers, with the introduction of Happy Times single-serve snacks.
Starting with activities suitable for toddlers and expanding to grade schoolers, the Learning Lodge gives every child an opportunity to expand their learning potential while keeping them entertained.
Tickets in advance are $15 for adults, $12 for middle and high school students, $8 for grade schoolers.
We show using an 18 inch piece for grade schoolers, but adjust for your child by measuring from below the knee to the foot instep, allowing for hems.
Mark School in St Paul are bundling up and walking to school--an unusual mode of transportation for grade schoolers these days.
SANTA CLARITA - Behind the closed garage door of a Canyon Country home on a recent Wednesday morning, a group of grade schoolers prepared to experiment.
grade schoolers tend to evaluate their children's math skills less critically, provide less effective help with math problems and hold lower standards for math achievement than do parents in Asia.
New 'Safety on the Go' Outreach Program Teaches Grade Schoolers Ways to Stay Safe While Walking, Bicycling and Participating in Other On-the-Go Activities
The first key marker of student success is grade-school reading proficiency - and grade schoolers become proficient readers if they enter kindergarten healthy and ready to learn.