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a numerical value assigned to a letter grade received in a course taken at a college or university multiplied by the number of credit hours awarded for the course

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They examine previous studies that research the link between the "Big Five" personality traits -agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism and openness to experience - and college grade point average.
Students scoring between 33 and 40 would be graded D with a grade point of 4.
Janet Baker was 68th Company's Honor Graduate for overall grade point average (96.
In this model, the lower a teenager's grade point average, the higher the odds of sexual initiation, and the odds were elevated for respondents reporting delinquent behaviors.
Students were asked to provide background and demographic information including their gender, race, age, university class status, study habits, attendance patterns, mathematics background, grade point average (GPA), and ACT score.
The purpose of this experiment was to study any correlation between language aptitude and grade point average.
Seniors majoring in real estate who have the highest grade point averages in both major courses and cumulatively will receive consideration for the Joseph Moinian Real Estate Awards.
67 grade point averages, respectively, in math and science courses.
9 grade point average and score of 29 on the ACT secured her Howard's Capstone award, a three-year, renewable scholarship, which pays for tuition, fees, and room.
Jones (1931) investigated this question in the 1930s and found a relationship between classroom attendance and grade point average.
Based On: Talent, grade point average Audition Required Number Awarded: Not specified Application Deadline: Mid-March
Students were divided into three categories: honor team members with grade point averages of 3.
Yet in just the past 10 years, the percent of students who took the SAT and had a grade point average in the A range jumped from 28 percent to 41 percent.
The authors found that seven of the nine academies had a positive, statistically significant effect on students' grade point average.
A group of 89 high school seniors completed a questionnaire that gathered data on sports involvement, depression, intimacy with parents and friends, and grade point average.