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Synonyms for gradational

proceeding very slowly by degrees

Synonyms for gradational

taking place by degrees

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Facies Isp-1 and Isp-2 are mostly, but not exclusively, related; Isp-2 gradationally overlies the Isp-1 and their combination represents the "graded-stratified bed" of Walker (1978).
24) Admiral Mullen envisions a military capable of exercising power gradationally, breaking things and taking lives only when necessary.
The sedimentology and stratigraphy of the lahar deposits provide compelling evidence that: 1) multiple initial meltwater pulses tended to coalesce into single flood waves; 2) lahars remained fully developed debris flows until they reached confluences with othr major rivers; and 3) debris-flow slurry composition and rheology varied to produce gradationally density-stratified flows (Pierson et al, 1990).
In this area, the unit, which ranges from 200 to 300 m in thickness, gradationally overlies the marine siliciclastics of the Potes Group whereas its top is truncated by a major discontinuity, namely, the Palentian unconformity.
It is overlain conformably by the Ski Hill Formation, dominantly composed of mafic pillow lavas and hyaloclastic breccias; the Ski Hill is gradationally overlain by the ore-bearing, felsic volcanic rocks of the Buchans River Formation.
The farm soil is gradationally textured and classified locally as a Kandosol and internationally as a Red Earth (Anon.
This is so much so that Moore (1986), for whom this breccia is a melange, was forced to write: "The melange is structurally, but gradationally (my italics), overlain by serpentinized harzburgite"--hardly the description of a tectonic contact between two different structural units.