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Synonyms for gradational

proceeding very slowly by degrees

Synonyms for gradational

taking place by degrees

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An analysis of the pragmatic detachability of these DMs indicates that the discourse-marking system of PG is gradually and gradationally becoming an English-origin system, and hypothesis 3 is supported.
So, the Chattian sediments of the Asmari Formation in this section overlie gradationally the Pabdeh Formation.
Similarly, on the basis of vertical and lateral changes in the facies associations, Tanavsuu-Milkeviciene & Plink-Bjorklund (2009) recognized in the same section several stratigraphical units representing gradationally based progradational to aggradational vertically stacked cyclic packages that fine upwards in the Kernave and Arukula Fms.
The formation is gradationally underlain by basaltic to andesitic rocks of the Raymond Mountain Formation and overlain by rhyolitic tuff of the Waltons Lake Formation (Barr and White 2001a, c).
A study on such soils of southern Australia was reported by Stork (1995), in which chlorsulfuron moved to a depth of 50 cm in a gradationally textured alkaline loam soil (pH 8.
To the northeast, Johnson (2001, 2003) interpreted the Ragged Falls suite to pass gradationally into similar granitoid rocks of the undated Rocky Lakes Suite, which she described as granite, granodiorite, tonalite, and quartz diorite, cut by numerous mafic dykes.