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Synonyms for gradational

proceeding very slowly by degrees

Synonyms for gradational

taking place by degrees

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Where the cortex is thick, nodules may have a concentric (two-layer) appearance; where it is thinner, or penetrates the whole nodule, gradational or uniform morphotypes develop.
The gradational contact with the Marginal Zone is marked by an increase in pyroxene and in the dip of modal layering.
The lower boundary with the Cunard formation was considered gradational, and placed at the first occurrence of black slate (e.
2000 Eastport angular unconformity U-Pb zircon laser separating Eastport from ablation: 419 to 436 [+ or -] overlying Perry (Gates 1975) 6 Ma on volcanics (Van Wagoner and Dadd 2003) Hersey gradational contact with Eastport; parts of Hersey and Eastport are lateral equivalents (Gates 1975) Leighton conformable boundary with Hersey (Gates 1975) Edmunds conformable boundary with Leighton (Gates 1975) Dennys conformable boundary with Edmunds (Gates 1975) Quoddy base not exposed; top is in fault contact with Dennys (Gates 1975)
Characteristic gradational, centimetre-scale pegmatitic patches with large amphibole and feldspar crystals have widely varying alkali feldspar/plagioclase ratios, and may contain a significant amount of quartz.
Contacts between these units appear to be gradational, implying that they formed as a result of differentiation processes in a single parent magma.
The new age presented here for the Dipper Harbour Formation also constrains the age of the Musquash Harbour and similar plutons in the area because of the gradational relationship between the volcanic and plutonic units in the Dipper Harbour area.
Each site was selected on the basis of profile morphology to ensure that the soil was black, self-mulching, and uniform to gradational in texture.
Nodules of more highly calcareous siltstone with gradational perimeters are evenly distributed throughout most of the siltstone (Fig.
The texture change at G-0 is less sudden, possibly due to a lesser influence of hill slope processes, leading to classification as a gradational soil.
The northwestern margin of the Waite composite fault zone is typically a gradational contact between underformed Fredericton belt metasedimentary rocks and their ductile deformed products -- generally phyllonite and sheared metasandstone characterized by penetrative pressure solution cleavage in which clasts are strongly elongated.
Based on hydrological observations, the soil hydrological situation on the broad crests at Gatum (with yellow gradational soils or Dermosols) can be summarised as follows.
Table 1 Plutons of the redefined Golden Grove Plutonic Suite Pluton and U-Pb age General lithology [Ref #] 1 Acamac Tonalite darit grey to rcd, quartz diorite to tonalite 2 Belmont Tonalite light to dark grey tonalite gradational to quartz diorite and granodiorite 3 Carrying Cove red biotite monzogranite Granite 4 Chalet Lake Granite orange monrogranite to granodiorite 5 Cranberry Head pink to maroon to orange Syenogranite syenogranire to monzogranite 6 Dude Lake Pluton black to white, gabbroie, 539.
Topsoil depth ranged from 28 to 30 cm at the 11 sampling sites, and was characterised by a gradational and worm-mixed boundary to the B horizon.