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arrange according to grades

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pass imperceptibly from one degree, shade, or tone into another

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The universalization of freedom gradating from the national to the international legal system--thus, the transition from classical international law to what Kant calls the "cosmopolitan condition"--is the final link in the chain of freedom.
Yet, against the backdrop of the flames and the smoke, di Cosimo's gradating brushstrokes enable him to blur this dramatic scene into an atmosphere more dreamy and pastoral.
shaded lady: Hugo Sarmiento silk chiffon strapless dress with gradating hues, $3,800, Saks Fifth Avenue.
Such a gradating of advance was, according to Van Gennep, the essence of rites of passage: Il me semble que tous les rites de depart en voyage, en expedition, etc.
Phimister argues that Morris' familiar views of "the illuminated manuscript [as] a source of inspiration and design, and perhaps most important of all a link with the medieval craftsman" have Ruskinian origins, and draws a parallel between Ruskin's declaration (in 1854 lectures on the principles of manuscript-illumination reported in The Builder), that "white lines or dots [in thirteenth-century illumination] were most judiciously and effectively introduced for the purpose of gradating colours," and Morris' much later remark (in "Some Notes on the Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages," 1894), that "the colour.
There are several special effects tools for blending and gradating colors and for creating patterns.
Under the choirmaster Jaroslav Brych, the Prague Philharmonic Choir sing passionately, wonderfully gradating the music and content in the delicacy of characteristic themes.
Maintaining a 3 percent dot using a solid black ink color gradating down to the required dot size.
After about fifteen minutes, the whole orchestra fell silent and all the attention focused on the accordion accompanied by a percussion set, whose gradating dialogue led the piece up to the finale.