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arrange according to grades

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pass imperceptibly from one degree, shade, or tone into another

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The SureColor F7170 allows us to produce full color, watercolor gradated images without having to compromise image quality by cutting colors.
The report also highlights that Tata Communications is best suited for distributed firms that want very granular Carrier Ethernet access speeds with gradated classes of service, combined with very clear SLA metrics and service pricing .
I gaze at the portrait, appreciating how she has rendered the four of us, no detail of our clothing forgotten, our heights as neatly gradated as those of storage canisters, and how she has thoughtfully edited out the gray in my hair.
48) In 1894, Iowa suffragists, yet to achieve universal suffrage for women, proceeded to employ a gradated solution and convinced the legislature to permit women to vote in "any city, incorporated town, or school district for the purpose of issuing any bonds for municipal or school purposes, or for the purpose of borrowing money, or for the purpose of increasing the tax levy.
The bank has focused on East to expand its growth, long ago by setting up a representative office in Singapore, which was later gradated to a full branch to manage the future's expansion activities in the fast growing region.
The gradated rank system, characterised by prescribed numbers for important ritual and funerary items according to social rank, is prevalent in the Zhou political system, and was reflected in both ritual texts and mortuary remains of the Warring States Period (Yu & Gao 1978: 89; Zhang 2012).
Miyashita Zenji was an internationally celebrated artist whose geometric and biomorphic ceramic sculptures were wrapped with his signature irregular, gradated coloured-clay overlays that inspire visions of sunsets, distant hills, drifting clouds or rolling waves.
At each step, I shall weave in the relevant learning from the new logic and then show how it illuminates one of the key features of the law of proof: (1) the gradated scale of likelihood, (2) the conjunction paradox, (3) the burden of production, and (4) the burden of persuasion.
From basic design concepts of distributed programming to advanced Ruby techniques for security and more, this offers a gradated learning foundation that takes Ruby programmers to new levels of achievement, teaches them to integrate dRuby and eRuby, and is a 'must' for any programming library.
Many are constructed of flat slabs of clay, glued inside one another to form a sort of gradated open-topped pyramid.
The conceptual design also calls for an elegant facade that integrates with the innovative internal arrangement that allows for three gradated tiers of column-free floors.
Incorporating both gradated and striated design elements, the packaging is said to evoke the feeling of descending from the surface of the ocean to the dark, rich depths, according to the company.
He also announced the gradated students will be ready to work in several fields such as human resources management, management of funding, marketing management, accounting and management information systems.
Package design: Stars studded against a gradated dark navy background representing cosmic space, with a large star, our corporate symbol, placed at the center.
The harder leads are gradated from 4H, 3H, 2H, H and make grayer marks.