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capable of being graded (for quality or rank or size etc

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On closer inspection of the syntactic properties of criminal within the two readings we find that in one of them it is gradable, but not in the other (and so a very criminal lawyer fixes the meaning and is not ambiguous).
77 percent over XI Plan production of 23,060 MTs), with a specific target of achieving production of 5,000 MT Bivoltine and 6,000 MT improved gradable cross breed mulberry silk (2A/3A Grade and above silk for consumption in power loom) by the end XII Plan.
173) A difference worth mentioning, however, is that Marshall's reasoning probably supports the more modest thesis that appeal to context is necessary to determine whether "necessary" is used literally or, as he put it, "figuratively]" (174)-- insofar it is not obviously felicitous to say that something is "more necessary" than something else, that "necessary" is a gradable adjective is at least controversial.
It should be remembered that effectiveness is gradable and the measurement of effectiveness is the degree to which you reach all the final goals of an action.
These panels can make our mobile workflow more efficient, saving us an incredible amount of time that is otherwise wasted in post if footage is not gradable.
4 biode- gradable cleaning products Frequency of Willingness to Act (%) Very Unlikely/Unlikely Undecided Willingness M N S W M N S W to Act Vote for 2.
section]) When only 1 cup:disc ratio was gradable, only that ratio was used for analysis.
Unlike terrific 'frightful', terrific 'of great size or intensity' is associated with gradable nouns, that is, nouns designating 'gradable' properties that can thus collocate with adjectives expressing the degree to which the property holds (cf.
Perhaps they give occasional brief updates on their progress to the class or write progress memos or pitches--all gradable.
Tenders are invited for Lenovo Think Centre Model M700 Specifications: Inter Core I3,500 Gb Hdd,4 Gb Ddr4 Ram, Preloaded Operating System, Microsoft Windows 10 Down Gradable To Microsoft Windows 7, Integrated Graphics, 18.
The tier 2 of EBCOT in the JPEG2000 adopts the PCRD-opt algorithm to conduct appropriate interception and hierarchical organization of embedded compressed potential flow of all code blocks, forming gradable compressed code stream with good quality of the whole image (LI Yu et.
At the five-year mark, two in five patients with gradable eyes had geographic atrophy and four out of five had fluid seen in an optical coherence tomography scan, the paper noted.
The two basic forms are gradable and upgradeable opposites.
Subsequent research into comprehension examining long-term performance data of humans shows that comprehension is not a single gradable dimension, but comprises many distinct skills (for example, Keenan, Betjemann, and Olson [2008]).