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capable of being graded (for quality or rank or size etc

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On closer inspection of the syntactic properties of criminal within the two readings we find that in one of them it is gradable, but not in the other (and so a very criminal lawyer fixes the meaning and is not ambiguous).
As eduKan's courses also include other assessments such as discussion/participation groups, tests and quizzes, it needed a technology that could be used for all gradable events.
In the smartphone ophthalmoscopy results, nine eyes were not gradable due to small pupil or cataract.
Feeling can also be expressed grammatically through gradable meanings using different lexical items.
In the subtitle, it has been translated as "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" (tai, very), which is a common intensifier of gradable adjectives in Chinese.
At a dose of 100mg/kg of LIM caused no gradable toxicity in healthy volunteers (Crowell et al.
The estimates of incidence were based on all persons having corresponding gradable subfields at all visits.
In side-by-side studies with legacy industry methods, Picarro Surveyor technology outperformed traditional methods, identifying significantly more gradable leaks in considerably less time.
Those with prevalent hypertension in the absence of prevalent stroke or coronary heart disease for whom gradable retinal photographs were available were included in the current analysis.
To accommodate degrees of normative certitude, he must also maintain that it is a gradable attitude.