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a student who continues studies after graduation

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Federal programs that encourage massive borrowing by grad students and then allow much of the debt to be "forgiven," a deceptively benign term, are behind this disturbing trend.
For grad students this will require early open-mindedness toward pursuing a career other than as a tenured professor.
The second purpose was to see if coaching these grad students in the foundations of interpretive discussion would effectively change their thinking over time.
Ashley Freeman, a grad student, has an impulsive one-night-stand with Michael O'Connell.
Read the full report, authored by grad student Brian Perkins and Dr.
He'd also like to develop "a skateboard resort that replicates street spaces from around the world," designed in partnership with his wife, Kristyna, a sustainable construction management grad student at the University of Florida.
But when the decade is over and the little girl is now a young woman, she teams up with her dad's best friend, a grad student, and a government agent to see what they can find out in the bowels of the underground experimental structure with its miles of corridors and various control rooms.
So the Protestant grad student spent four years at two parishes in North Carolina--one an urban, African American one, the other rural, white, and Latino.
A grad student, who needed a research project, was given the suggestion to survey why they returned.
At NYU Beasley worked with German choreographer Johannes Wieland, then a grad student, and in pieces by Nacho Duato, Robert Battle, Nicolo Fonte, and faculty member Gus Solomons.
This intricate card game, combining elements of chess, poker, and Tolkien, was invented in the early 1990s for the Dungeons-and-Dragons crowd by a grad student in mathematics named Richard Garfield.
In The End of Faith, Sam Harris, a UCLA philosophy grad student, has seized on the all-too-real specter of Islamist terror as the occasion to revisit the village atheist waterfront, compulsively itemizing all the irrational, surly, atavistic features of faith.
She raves, "As a grad student, it's more economical for me to purchase things from an online auction.
POST GRAD student Stephanie Donnelly, 22, Sunderland:
Freer majored in French literature at two different California universities and taught English while a grad student at the University of California, San Diego.