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a school in a university offering study leading to degrees beyond the bachelor's degree

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Do not choose grad school because you can't find a job or because you don't know exactly what career to pursue.
com, publications such as QS TopMBA Career Guide and Top Grad School Guide, and on-ground events that facilitate face-to-face interactions with admissions directors.
suggested that learning a second language in grad school is key to making yourself more profitable in the business world.
Recommended for older teens who love complex mysteries and are moving into adult mystery circles is TURN UP THE HEAT, a fine blend of suspense and culinary insights centering around Chloe, who is facing grad school exams, a hysterical, pregnant friend, and a boyfriend with a new trendy restaurant in town.
Amanda's husband, a licensed investigator and former homicide cop, now attending grad school, is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which has devastated the lives of his parents and other relatives, and is not sympathetic to the task.
He joined Cap Pub full-time in 1977, by then a CPA following naval service and grad school, serving initially, he said, as "accountant, customer service department and receptionist, all at the same time.
s students loved to learn--and they took that love oflearning into high school and college and grad school and careers in medicine, education, the arts, and business.
The valuation courses I took in grad school also focused on discounted cash flow models.
Too often, top students fall into high-status holding patterns--two years on Wall Street that'll fill in time and resume space before applying to grad school.
I trained as a research biologist through grad school.
And during the first holiday season my husband and I celebrated together - while we were still in grad school and scraping every penny - another name for the holiday shrub was born.
00) covers many issues not usually revealed in grad school, which all practitioners need to know.
Benjamin Jones, Class of 2006 Experience: helicopter pilot for six years Research: analyzing the acoustic spectra of "biosonar'--that is, what beaked whales "see" when bouncing echoes off prey After grad school.
For college undergrads, the program helps build their scientific repertoire in preparation for grad school," McKernan adds.