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one-hundredth of a right angle


a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university)

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20-year-old pharmacy student Stoyan Baltov died on December 5, 2008 after sustaining severe head trauma and skull fracture from a beating in front of the "Amnesia" disco club in the Studentski Grad quarter.
GRADS have also been working with Monkchester Road Nursery and Family Centre in Walker, Newcastle, to improve the learning environment.
Businesses of all sizes can also make the most of Grad Central's feefree recruitment service.
1996-97 Denise Boylan MH Benet Academy, Notre Dame Grad.
Cesar Santoy, a 2004 grad, recently became executive director of the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association.
The AKTC and the WMF set up an organization, the Stari grad Agency which, on behalf of the city (where the mayor and the deputy alternate between Croat and Muslim), now oversees implementation of the conservation plan, and restoring and operating specific buildings.
GRAD was developed for use on a personal computer and was orginally part of a collaborative effort between Ohio State University and the Franklin County Juvenile Court in Ohio.
To cut a long story short, the 122 mm Grad was followed by the 220 mm Uragan in 1976 and later by the awesome 300 mm Smerch.
We started with a typical technical approach, thinking if we held some classes and placed computers in labs, the residents would use them," says Jane Grad, VP of Information Management at the multicampus CCRC.
Designed to familiarize parents with Project GRAD (Graduation Really Achieves Dreams), Atlanta, the walk and its volunteers were crunk, no doubt.
I think people are relieved that if they give wires or switches, they are part of a package," Grad explains.
Grad Beekman, the new 32-story condominium at the southeast carper of 51st Street and First Avenue, has completed $25 million in sales, averaging $1,100 per SF, in its first six weeks on the market, according to The Sunshine Group, Grand Beekman's exclusive marketing and sales agent.
Hire Education: What Every College Grad Should Know About Landing That First Job by John W.
I told myself that I had neglected my family and my community for so many years while in grad school that I must now give them the quality time they had missed.
In the meantime, the Harvard grad is seeking more venture capital this year to expand operations to three more Latin American nations, which he won't identify for fear of tipping off the competition.