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Synonyms for graciously

in a gracious or graceful manner

References in classic literature ?
However, when I had explained to him how my bales had been miraculously restored to me, he graciously accepted my gifts, and in return gave me many valuable things.
her husband graciously replied, as he removed the blotting-paper, and showed the two parchments lying side by side.
You are very welcome here, where I have brought you for Princess Dorothy's sake," she said, graciously, "and I hope you will be quite happy in your new home.
If your Imperial Majesty will be graciously pleased to take off your clothes, we will fit on the new suit, in front of the looking glass.
With a slight rustle of her white dress trimmed with moss and ivy, with a gleam of white shoulders, glossy hair, and sparkling diamonds, she passed between the men who made way for her, not looking at any of them but smiling on all, as if graciously allowing each the privilege of admiring her beautiful figure and shapely shoulders, back, and bosom- which in the fashion of those days were very much exposed- and she seemed to bring the glamour of a ballroom with her as she moved toward Anna Pavlovna.
She was very glad to be relieved of her duties to the people of Ev, and the Queen graciously permitted her to retain her rooms and her cabinet of heads as long as she lived.
The morning after his arrival Mr Blifil waited on Mr Western, by whom he was most kindly and graciously received, and from whom he had every possible assurance (perhaps more than was possible) that he should very shortly be as happy as Sophia could make him; nor would the squire suffer the young gentleman to return to his uncle till he had, almost against his will, carried him to his sister.
But if you direct us to apply to her excellency, would you graciously oblige us with her address?
He submitted this diagnosis to conscience, and conscience graciously approved and accepted it.
But also by the grace of his manner, and fine conversation he knew to win the Queen, and she graciously accorded him a second dance for which he begged, a third, and a fourth, as well as others were not refused him.
My retired mother-in-law graciously provides day care for my two daughters while my wife and I work.
All of the event's food was graciously prepared by friends of USOT, many being members of the VFW, along with a fabulous shepherd's pie, made and donated by Brian's Restaurant in Linwood.
com)-- Graciously Beginning LLC is proud to announce the publication of its first title.
God, who knows our load limit, graciously limits our load.
Huckabee was one of 131 signatories on the full-page USA Today ad backing a controversial position on the role of women in marriage that had been adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention: "A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ.