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Synonyms for grace

Synonyms for grace

refined, effortless beauty of manner, form, and style

a sense of propriety or rightness

kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or disposition toward others

temporary immunity from penalties

a short prayer said at meals

to lend dignity or honor to by an act or favor


to endow with beauty and elegance by way of a notable addition

Synonyms for grace

(Christian theology) a state of sanctification by God

elegance and beauty of movement or expression


Related Words

a sense of propriety and consideration for others

a disposition to kindness and compassion

Related Words

(Greek mythology) one of three sisters who were the givers of beauty and charm

a short prayer of thanks before a meal

(Christian theology) the free and unmerited favor or beneficence of God

be beautiful to look at

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Internal and external components of religious experience converge in The Temple on eucharistic topoi, devotional and ceremonial pieties vying for the identity of Christian grace and the location of its authority, just as competing sacramental theories focus on the manner in which the eucharistic elements communicate their holy referents.
Ward advises Davenant to refrain from asserting that grace is conferred by Baptism, fearing "this time when the Arminians cleave so close one to another" (Ibid.
In rejecting the arbitrary grace of a predestinarian decree impervious to human will, English Arminians advanced the universalist doctrine of a grace freely offered in the sacrame nts and available to anyone who chose to receive them.
Though presumably the frail in faith might have doubted divine presence in the Eucharist as equally as the internal presence of the spirit, the availability of an external means of grace -- whatever the individual vicissitudes of mood and psychological make-up -- would have been reinforced by a doctrine which insisted not only on the efficacy of those means, but on the divine character of the instruments themselves.
Catholic Charities agreed to drop the city aid request following a May 20 meeting with Lancaster staff and Grace Resources, a food bank that had sought to operate the shelter.
Originally, city staffers recommended shelter operations be turned over to Grace Resources when Catholic Charities' contract expires June 30.
However, Grace Resources has opted to support Catholic Charities and agreed to work with it.
Grace Resources is seeking the city's help in finding quarters for its operations.
Peter Grace, prominent American business executive, leading Catholic layman and advisor to three U.
Grace has been credited with one of the most significant and successful turnarounds in American corporate history, transforming W.
Grace joined the firm in 1936 upon his graduation from Yale University, beginning his career in the company's mailroom.
Grace's charitable interests include Grace Institute, Covenant House, Boys Clubs of America, Inner City Scholarship Fund, and the CYO.
Four significant focal points emerge: the meaning of the Three Graces in natural philosophy, in ethics, as a panegyric, and in the philosophy of the arts.
In the process, insights merely alluded to in earlier literature are developed, such as Mertens's productive exploration of the association of the Graces with the personifications of the three arts of disegno - painting, sculpture and architecture.
The reader who anticipates a discussion of the Graces within the context of recent wide-ranging reformulations of Renaissance art theory will be disappointed by this volume.