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Synonyms for gracelessness

an unpleasant lack of grace in carriage or form or movement or expression

the inelegance of someone stiff and unrelaxed (as by embarrassment)

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With his limp turquoise hair and slouching posture, he embodies a teenage gracelessness that seems unlikely ever to be outgrown.
After a week of Western lamentations about the gracelessness of the Saddam hanging, it became clear that the primary effect of the execution was to enhance Prime Minister Maliki's stature in Iraq.
Within Othello, Shakespeare has incorporated two mutually exclusive theologies--a Catholic Morality-play theology of relatively free will, temptation, better and worser angels, and a seemingly voluntary fall from grace; and a predestinarian theology of reprobation, non-election, and gracelessness.
Mourinho's failure to wait and shake Wenger's hand appeared an example of gracelessness from the Chelsea chief.
Finnan says such gracelessness ignores the facts of a run during which the Reds beat all the fancied sides"All you have to do is look at the teams we defeated along the way to winning it last year," he said.
Alec Wildenstein, and before him his father Daniel, had a reputation at Royal Ascot for gracelessness, following the defeats of Westerner a year ago and Buckskin, the beaten Gold Cup favourite in 1978.
They record scores of encounters--sometimes five or six in a single day--with unremarkable fellows like the aforementioned Jose Gonzalez (his callow gracelessness documented by the four photographs on page 347 of Dudgeon's book).
With it does not show a lack of caring or a softness of character, nor is gracelessness mitigated by a plea of deep hurt to personal pride.
In the meantime, a screaming Faust (Marcello Giordano) managed to display both scenic and musical gracelessness.
a compelling canon of richly allusive, carefully crafted explications of sin, gracelessness, faith, and salvation in the modern South.
But barbarism remains an active force in modern societies, partly in gracelessness and ignorance, and partly in a loss of cultural coherence found among those who mistake a few years at an institution of higher learning for education itself.
It's even easier to share her impatience with the forced interpretations, the stylistic gracelessness--or just opacity--of a good deal of modern criticism (although gracelessness in academic prose, and its public skewering by writers like Acocella, hardly seem unique to either the late twentieth century or politically purposive writing).