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journalists The gracefulness of the Reuters TV app and, in particular,
The new choice is white which projects an impression of tranquility and gracefulness while emphasizing the compactness and light weight of this product.
30pm She's undoubtedly the most elegant member of the Strictly Come Dancing judging panel, but is Darcey Bussell's gracefulness all down to her ballet training, or has she taken a little inspiration from Audrey Hepburn?
3] In a familiar passage from book 1, Canossa is explaining the mysterious source of courtly gracefulness, the quality which makes the courtier seem a natural nobleman.
A publican would often have chosen the swan as the name for his establishment for its connotations of exclusivity, gracefulness and elegance - and also for the inferences of water and drinking, As well as plenty of hostelries called The Swan, there are hundreds of White Swan and Black Swan pubs, along with combinations including The Swan and Pyramids (London N12), The Swan and Rushes (Leicester) the Swan Revived (Newport Pagnall) and the Swan's Nest (Exminster, Devon).
Paul first became interested after watching the legends of the silver screen, becoming enraptured by the effortless marriage of gracefulness and dynamism displayed by the likes of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.
The spider knows this, and the beauty of its web or the gracefulness of deer are born out of necessity - maximum accomplishment with the least effort and material.
The venue may lack the intimacy of the folk clubs in which Baez learned her trade or the raw energy of the outdoor festivals at which her career flourished, but Symphony Hall's magnificent acoustics allowed the power and gracefulness of Baez's voice to be fully appreciated.
With superb support from vice-captain Dale Benkenstein, Collingwood's mental strength under pressure ( as well as the gracefulness of his attacking strokes ( was extraordinary and his unbeaten 111 must surely go down as the one of the England man's finest and most crucial innings for his county.
Fernando Torres' skipping past a helpless Ben Haim was gracefulness personified.
The Kung Fu may be for a younger crowd, recommended for ages 12-40, but it's fluidity and gracefulness mimic that of Tai Chi.
Handel's baroque masterpiece Giulio Cesare features music full of sensuality and gracefulness, particularly in the lavish music for the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, sung by soprano Sarah Tynan in her Opera North debut.
With her charm, gracefulness, modernity and lively wit, Lily Collins is the perfect embodiment of femininity according to Lancome.
What these other volumes have in their strength of focus (especially Morin's) and gracefulness (especially Finkel's), Yeh's has in range.