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an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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Grace Note is best known as the dam of King George winner Belmez, later a dreadful sire, but Debussy's dam Opera Comique was also no slouch, running third in the Group 3 Park Stakes.
And there's an unusual thing outside the syntax of the phrase, whether it's a grace note or a little pocket of information.
But, he adds, `occasionally a grace note sounds, high, lilting, ethereal, to interrupt the monotonous background growl of ungrace'.
Her thought provides a grace note to our understanding of the Renaissance.
Cassis, wood smoke and mocha chime in soon after the first burst of fruit, along with a touch of clove and a lightly oaky grace note.
The film's one grace note comes near the end when Winona Ryder, seen fleetingly throughout the movie as a flimsy femme fatale character, is given the opportunity to demonstrate why she remains a welcome presence on the screen.
The Keaheys handle most of the note discrepancies and inconsistencies well in the edition, although the treatment of accidentals is occasionally clumsy due to an overzealous concern to eradicate cross relations (the C# grace note preceding the B[?
No wonder the loss of public trust has become almost unmentionable in our public discourse, except as a grace note.
The award-winning fabrics are Una, a solid-color unique knit fabric with a smooth matte finish designed by Suzanne Tick; Arras, a large-scale tapestry that is both organic and geometric, designed by Kathrin Hagge; and Fishnet and Grace Note, designed by Suzanne Tick and Sarah Baker, respectively, which are a pair of net-like Trevira drapery fabrics of contrasting scales.
A single tree growing in a large, handsome container adds a significant grace note to any garden.
Sherman has eliminated the slick jokiness that seduced Broadway audiences in the earliest scenes of his play but has thankfully kept much of the unexpected humor that lends a grace note of absurdity to the camp sections.
Four and a half centuries later, this arduous and unlikely trek inspired Portuguese Nobel laureate Jose Saramago to write his most optimistic, playful, humorous and magical book, a grace note written near the end of his life.
Still, Ozon ends the movie on a beautiful grace note, returning to his favorite place -- the beach -- for a final pilgrimage that uses the ocean and the elements in ways that are simple and profound.
Instead, the six big new abstract paintings served up basics--Reed's slithering painterly gesturalism, complemented by deft variations of format and palette, and the occasional comic grace note.