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Synonyms for grabby

having a strong urge to obtain or possess something, especially material wealth, in quantity

Synonyms for grabby

immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth

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These grabby techniques work, but it should not go without mention that "20th Century Women" has no plot at all.
3 seconds, the V8 engine makes light work of the car's 2,092 kilogram weight, and its braking -- while described as being grabby by some reviewers -- seemed faultless on my drive along the highways and byways of Abu Dhabi.
The random Facebook audience clicking on grabby headlines about small-town weird crime won't have as much reason to visit, but we'll make up for it with grabby headlines about Ben Carson attacking relatives.
Sexualised comments, innuendos, grabby hands--Laurie ponders how to deal with inappropriate behaviour from patients.
Third, Senator Mushahid Hussain, criticized that Pakistan and its elite are developing a reputation of a 'greedy and grabby political culture with a quest for qabza paramount'.
Exercise your dog (hard) before his walk and you'll have a far less grabby walking companion.
The other option is 30 lpi, which is delicate and not quite as grabby.
A second customer buys the toy for her grabby little boy.
This was designed to rebut critics who say she's too close to Wall Street and too grabby with speech money and foundation donations from Arab autocrats to wage a sincere fight against income inequality.
I could tell you about the laser headlamps, the iffy satnav and the slightly grabby carbon ceramic brakes but that would be carping.
Wolves, mountain lions, black bears and alligators all make for grabby headlines, because they really strike fear into the hearts of the general public.
The shifter is your pal for life, with short, rifle-shot throws, complemented by clutch take-up that is quick without being abrupt or grabby.
On the other hand, Upworthy, a digital publisher that has elevated the viral distribution of grabby articles to a science, reports that people who read to the bottom of an article are more likely to share it than those who scan just the top of it.
They are as grabby as the tires you'd need on the 1970 'Cuda to keep it on the road, and thus the grips keep the 572 Hemi in your hands.
Although the Persian and Sanskrit were not completely understandable for the entire audience, yet the music was so intense and grabby that it seemed to have a hypnotic effect on the guests.