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to reach about or search blindly or uncertainly

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However, the question that agency theorists were grabbling with lately is whether the resultant executive behavior includes sensible risk taking (Jensen et al, 2004; HRS; Sanders and Hambrick, 2007).
The striker made it seven goals in five matches by grabbling a weekend opener in the 4-2 victory over Dundee in the First Division.
That triggered a burst of six goals in 27 minutes, with Lovenkrands heading home a second, Danny Guthrie grabbling a long-range double to cap an excellent performance, Gutierrez slamming home, and Kevin Nolan rounding the keeper for the sixth.
Depleting numbers of bees and the devastating effect it is having on the food chain has been grabbling the headlines lately.
His speech writers appeared close to what an ordinary Southern Sudanese says on the street of our cities about their government and issues they are grabbling with, namely poor quality of their lives and their political future.
In a game that American had every right to win, Thomas wouldn't let HC lose, scoring 16 points, grabbling 9 rebounds, handing out 6 assists and making 4 steals.
John's paintings were rifled: Old Linker's Mill, Old Davidson's Spring, Yellow Leaf Covered Bridge, Brush Arbor, The End of A Day, A Hunting Scene, Possum Hunt, Going Home in the Rain in February, Ginnin' Time, Weighin' In, Chit'lin's, Sorghum Mill at Night, Git a Hoss, Grabbling, Autumn Scene; Mammy's Cabin, Little Chicago, Carnival Time: Balloon Ascension, A Monday Morning in 1910, and Ploddin' Home.
Another significant boost for Rangers came with the 4-0 win by Valencia over Bursaspor as it helps their hopes of grabbling third spot.