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Synonyms for grabble

to reach about or search blindly or uncertainly

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Available for iPhone and Android, download Grabble for free at the App Store.
Grabble NA Bentonville Wollongong, Australia NR Stuart C.
In 'Dixie' to 'hoe it down an scratch yer grabble' juxtaposes these well-known steps with something imitative of angling, for 'fishing on the grabble is when the line is sunk with a running plummet fast to the bottom, so that the hook-link plays in the water'; (46) one part of the apparatus scratches the river bottom while the other--metaphorically the narrator--'trabbles' downstream to Dixie.
Whether you are a beginner learning to grabble with the steep slopes and rocky edges of mountains or a more experienced climber this book will still keep you amused as there is plenty in here for just about everyone.
No way, when I can grabble with my gizmos and gape at pictures of Giselle Bundschen.
New to the 'Red Bananas' for ages 5-8 is Mary Arrigan and Korky Paul's PA JINGLEBOB AND THE GRABBLE GANG (0778710742), telling of a town uproar when a railroad is slated to go right through its center, and Julia Donaldson's THE QUICK BROWN FOX CUB (0778710807) tells of a little fox who wants to go on adventures during the day, when he should be sleeping.
When the investigator realizes the country folks' disdain for "a fine loud grabble and snatch of AAA and WPA and a dozen other three-letter reasons for a man not to work" (58), he cedes authority completely to the marshal, a submission most evident in his custodianship of Buddy McCallum's amputated leg.
However, when she allows another woman to share her cab, she must grabble with contradictory feelings of virtue and annoyance.
Den hoe it down and scratch your grabble, To Dixie's land I'm bound to trabble.
Freshman Ben Grabble won his first varsity start for the host Pioneers (8-6).
International sugar prices, which have been relatively volatile over the last three months as the world's largest producer, Brazil, grabbles with a drought, and the second largest producer, India, is expected to experience below average monsoon rains.
A Jew by origin, Harold kept a close relationship with Israel, a country he admired and which he had hoped Namibia will seek to emulate as it grabbles with socio-economic challenges of our times.
The essays in this special issue of Shofar posit a richness of taut realism and informed symbolism extracted from Hitler's inferno that casts a lingering shadow on an old-new society that grabbles with the pivotal questions of "What can we 'Here' learn from 'Over There'?
ONE FOR THE KISSER Macheda grabbles with keeper Cesar and Hernandez (below) celebrates his goal PEA SHOOTER Hernandez fires home United's winner five minutes from time