grab sample

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a single sample or measurement taken at a specific time or over as short a period as feasible

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She pointed out that grab sample data is often dissimilar to data collected during NSF testing.
of Montana, USA completed the lab work of the above referenced grab sample.
the Chilton showing has returned values up to 2,500 ppm Co, 3,300 ppm Cu and 12,300 ppm Ni in selected grab samples collected in trenches.
Values in grab samples of vein material from anomalous soil samples include 23 g/t gold, 136 g/t silver and 5610 ppm copper in one sample, and 6.
Grab samples across this newly discovered vein have turned up results ranging from 0.
In addition 104 rock chip samples have been taken from 13 trenches and 9 grab samples from the surrounding area.
Grab samples taken from the area yielded approximately 4.