grab sample

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a single sample or measurement taken at a specific time or over as short a period as feasible

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In every case, the removal efficiencies calculated from the grab sample data were less than those efficiencies determined from the composite sample data reported by the laboratories.
of Montana, USA completed the lab work of the above referenced grab sample.
Grab samples taken from the area yielded approximately 4.
Twenty-four hard rock grab samples and three stream sediment samples have been taken from the most obvious alteration zones and have been assayed for gold and other trace elements.
Follow-up rock sampling, with a total of 58 grab samples, has returned significant Au, Cu and Ag contents.
is working in Conmee Township where up to 28 grams of gold per tonne has been found through stripping, grab samples and diamond drilling.
The assays announced represented four grab samples from small outcrops in the mineralized area.
Grab samples from a roll-front uranium occurrence, exposed along the Waterton River near Fort McLeod, returned up to 2,000 ppm or .