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a bar attached parallel to a wall to provide a handgrip for steadying yourself

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It has a slick keel-less bottom, double-angled transom, round chines and a solid grab bar.
But that tube, available in brushed stainless or chrome, functions as a grab bar and can support up to 500 pounds.
Similarly, the purpose of carefully selected, ligature-resistant clothing bars, grab bars, or shelves can be defeated if they are installed with fasteners that fail to offer an adequate degree of tamper resistance.
I want to install grab bars in my apartments' bathtub-showers, but the places where I want to put them do not match the location of studs where I can fasten them.
Also, install a vertical grab bar on a single stud.
A second option is a fastening system that permanently installs a grab bar into any wall without the need for additional structural support.
In a related issue, an exception for the 36-inch length of the rear grab bar on high-security stainless steel combination toilet/sink units has been granted in new construction or alterations.
After the shuttlecraft has matched positions with the satellite, astronaut James van Hoften will ride out on a platform attached to the shuttle's remote maneuvering arm, attach a grab bar to the slowly spinning satellite and use his space-suited "bare hands' to bring the spin to a halt.
Optional accessories (heavy-duty 1/2 rails, extended length 6", bed-mounted trapeze, scale, battery backup, assist grab bar and nurse lock-out) are available.
Here is a breakdown of what campaign donations can purchase: $5 will provide a senior's transportation to and from the center for five days; $10 will buy a senior's lunch at the center for a week; $15 provides one senior's home-delivered meals for a week; $20 provides one day in day care, including lunch for one senior; $50 will cover the purchase and installation of a shower grab bar in the home of a frail elder; and $100 provides one day of emergency personal care service.
To further expand the spa's versatility, he added a grab bar to hold while kicking, another exercise with low stress and high cardiovascular benefits.
New items, like Moen's dual towel rod and grab bar, offer stylish functionality.
The goal was to make sure the grab bar was in reach of the person using the commode.
Home Care[R] by Moen[R] has introduced a Grab Bar Shower Holder designed for easier, safer showering.