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a Christian as contrasted with a Jew

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He praised at the same time the continued and tireless efforts of Supreme Council for Youth and Sports chairman Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa on all infrastructure works carried out by Goys.
Al-Dossary highlighted the tireless efforts of the club's staff and administration so as to achieve the Board's goals, pointing out that the club will open more channels of communication with GOYS, affirming the importance of the role played by GOYS President in supporting the club's.
The pan-Arab award is in recognition of the pioneering Youth City project spearheaded by Goys to train Bahrain's youngsters, hone their skills, arm them with scientific and practical expertise and produce leaders to integrate them into the labour market and enable them to contribute to the country's development efforts.
The GOYS President re-emphasised the importance of the tournament in developing football in the GCC countries, further cementing fraternal ties and boosting Bahrain's status as a major host of sporting events.
They have sent an urgent plea to His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa to throw out the Goys project.
This comes as part of the Grand Bahrain festivities organized by GOYS commemorating the The Kingdom of Bahrain's celebrations of its National Days on December 16 and 17, marking the anniversary of the establishment of the modern state of Bahrain as an Arab and Muslim country in 1783 by its founder Ahmed Al-Fateh, the 43rd Anniversary of its accession to the UN as a full member and the 15th Anniversary of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa's Accession to the Throne.
More than 600 participants registered for Bahrain Ninja, which confirms the interest of the country's youth in engaging in such fun and challenging activities," said Goys youth affairs director Eman Janahi.
GOYS President was briefed by the Director of Projects and Installations Directorate Khalid Saleem Al-Hajj about project's the workflow which proceeds according GOYS preset technical plan.
She was speaking during a Press conference held yesterday at Goys to announce details of the competition.
Receiving the organising committee of the Khalid bin Hamad League for Youth Centres for Futsal, as well as representatives of a number of participating teams, Al-Jowdar said GOYS had provided all requirements of success for the second edition of the tournament at all levels, praising Bahraini youth's high participation, which, he asserted, has enriched the League and achieved its goals.
These were announced yesterday by Goys president Hisham Al Jowder.
GOYS President said that awarding HH Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa forms an international recognition of his achievement as he swam 24-hours nonstop from the shore of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Kingdom of Bahrain for charity.
THE General Organisation for Youth and Sports (Goys) recently organised a workshop for sports clubs' directors and general secretaries in an attempt to introduce the electronic services available on Goys website.
Sport Media Committee, in cooperation with GOYS, had also organized the Third Gulf Forum in April 2014, which has received wide a commendation as a result of the great success made in the organizational and administrative aspects.
As for table tennis, athletics and cycling, the Goys chief stressed that these three disciplines have more than five clubs under its umbrella, which is the criterion set up by Goys.