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a Christian as contrasted with a Jew

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According to Lenny Bruce, trailer parks are, like instant potatoes and lime Jell-O, quintessentially goyish, but it was in a mobile home in Albuquerque that Roth, embracing his fate as Jewish author, took on his final epic task.
There follows a list of the frustrated and the fallen, failures and debtors, those with asthma and TB, crooked politicians, and goyish boyfriends, browbeating, backbiting, screaming, competing--a magnificent cahier de doleances, a catalogue of complaints along King Street just above Broad that could have filled her own Tobacco Road.
Rockwell docs have points of contact with Dutch genre painting, although he might better be called America's Jan Steen, the twentieth-century Winslow Homer, the goyish Arthur Szyk.
Not coincidentally, such a reading also must repress the narrator's critique of Malnate's goyish homophobia.
As David Sax describes it, the Reuben is "so goyish it's practically kosher.
The Swede's success on the athletic field, his goyish good looks, his sweetness of spirit, all combined to make him an all-American hero, a golden boy seemingly blessed with endless good fortune.
The goyish Hope had married Ave, against his parents' strong objections.