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  • verb

Synonyms for govern

Synonyms for govern

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to exercise the authority of a sovereign

to keep the mechanical operation of (a device) within proper parameters

to exercise authority or influence over

Synonyms for govern

bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage

direct or strongly influence the behavior of

Related Words

exercise authority over

require to be in a certain grammatical case, voice, or mood

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The Ship Recycling page has a detailed overview of the IMO's moves to govern the disassembly and recycling of ships.
These pages provide information on the specific protocols that govern each area, background on the pollution source and the problems it can cause, and details about how the treaties came about.
Note that each of the five elements governs a different emotion: Water/Fear; Metal/Sadness; Fire/Joy or Over-excitement; Earth/Stress or sympathy; and Wood/Anger.
Growth in trade, which was so essential to Asia and Europe's recovery from the Second World War, was fueled by the both of an international system of rules to govern trade and the establishment of a forum to promote trade liberalization (GATT/WTO).
The Cortese-Knox Act, which governs LAFCOs, authorizes LAFCO to transfer assets but does not make it clear whether compensation is required.
Which section governs the treatment of suspended PALs after a corporate changeover from a C to an S year?
UN) (the "Fund") announced today that the representatives of Calpine Corporation who sit on the board of trustees that effectively governs the Fund, have resigned to avoid the potential for conflicts of interest that may arise due to the liquidity situation facing Calpine Corporation.
In Los Angeles, we have convoluted the Jeffersonian idea of governance and entrapped it in our civic culture, to writ: ``That government is best, which governs not at all.
415 definition, which governs limits on allocations or benefit accruals.
The need for Sabre Holdings to understand and control Web Services consumers validates our strategy to deliver a Web Services management suite that governs the consumer/provider relationship through Web Services Delivery Contracts(TM).
The community council is one way of starting to bring government closer to those whom it governs.
To implement the proposed waivers and amendments, Nextel and The Bank of New York have entered into two supplemental indentures, one relating to the indenture that governs Nextel's Senior Redeemable Discount Notes due 2003 and the other relating to the indenture governing Nextel's Senior Redeemable Discount Notes due 2004.
If a state does not adopt UETA or another law, the provisions of ESIGN will govern.