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a governor of high rank

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These concepts are: Deference, Confidence, and Practical Powers of the Governor General.
Jimmy Ovia from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Secretary to the Governor General and Mr.
To escape this likely outcome, the Prime Minister sought to end the session with a request to the Governor General for a prorogation.
TVNZ confirmed today that the apology was delivered to Sir Anand at Government House in Auckland and that the Governor General had "very graciously accepted".
During the meeting, the ambassador conveyed greetings of His Majesty the Sultan to the governor general of New Zealand and His MajestyEoe1/4aos wishes to New Zealand and its peopleEoe1/4aos further progress and welfare.
The Canadian Crown is a constitutional parliamentary monarchy made manifest in a team of persons: the Queen who lives outside the country; the Governor General who resides in Ottawa and exercises all prerogatives of the Crown within the federal sphere of jurisdiction; and the ten Lieutenant-Governors who reside in their respective provincial capitals and exercise the prerogatives of the Crown within the provincial sphere of jurisdiction.
Grand Ayatollah Lotfallah Safi-Golpayegani has publicly proclaimed that no woman should be named governor general of an Iranian province.
And did Governor General Michaelle Jean violate the principles of responsible government by granting prorogation?
This slim volume presents fourteen essays by professors of political science and constitutional law, together with one journalist, about the issues that arose between 27 November and 4 December 2008, when Prime Minister Harper's minority government, threatened by a suddenly formed coalition, was able to cling to office by securing from the governor general the prorogation of Parliament until 26 January 2009.
The Canada Council provided Thirsk with a copy of the Governor General's Award-winning title in recognition of Thirsk's family ties to Lord Tweedsmuir, the writer and Governor General who established the literary prize.
ANKARA, Apr 27, 2009 (TUR) -- An official welcoming ceremony took place at the Cankaya Presidential Office in honor of Governor General of Sir Anand Satyanand of New Zealand, who is currently paying a state visit to Ankara.
Australian Governor General Quentin Bryce expressed the wish of her government to assist Namibia in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
To fail to do so would mean he would in effect become a Governor General over our democracy in Wales.
Marrying constitutional history and political biography, this work analyzes the changing role of the governor general of Canada between 1847 and 1878.
THERE WERE times in Adrienne Clarkson's life as governor general that people whom she did not know and who were dying would request that she visit them.
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