governor's race

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a race for election to the governorship

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Democrat activists will be key to the governor's race because we know how to get out the vote.
Undecided respondents, or those expressing a preference for another candidate in the governor's race, make up 17.
Earlier this month, it officially shifted the Oregon governor's race from the category of "leans D" to "toss-up.
Utah: The governor's race in Utah has some industry lobbyists wondering about the fate of Insurance Commissioner Merwin Stewart.
Leech supports his points with lively anecdotes, quotes and some current references, including Arnold Schwarzenegger's California governor's race.
But there was no ostracism or estrangement between father and son, and the Globe's obituary for David said he campaigned for his father during the governor's race.
In Negrophobia: A Race Riot in Atlanta, 1906, Bauerlein--a professor of English at Atlanta's Emory University--weaves a compelling story of how Jim Crow laws, political posturing during a Georgia governor's race, and sensation-seeking white-owned newspapers led to the tragic but little-remembered riot that terrorized Atlanta for four days in September 1906.
That's one reason I knew I could win the governor's race.
And in California, ground zero for television's virtual blackout of electoral politics, local stations devoted less than one third of one percent of their news coverage last fall to the open seat governor's race, according to the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California.
Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania caucus attendees focused practically all of their attention on this year's governor's race.
The fact that identity theft has become a big issue in the Ohio governor's race may be an indicator of future political fallout in races all over the country.
In order to have a shot at victory in the Texas governor's race, Democrat Wendy Davis needed to pick off counties that went Republican in 2010.
Hanna did not rule out the possibility of entering the governor's race.
Some experts trace the first big acknowledgment of the value of absentee voting to the 1982 governor's race between George Deukmejian and Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley.
Real estate deals are the attack issue of choice in the governor's race.
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