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a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System

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Finally, just before the official news of Wellington's great victory arrived in London, Rothschild bought a great packet of government stock for a song, at a rock-bottom price he had done so much to create.
As a result of a leaflet I received from the courts service at the time of the award, I believed that my son's money would be invested in secure Government stocks - not company shares," he said.
He bred the flashy show ring Morgans of government stock to his own registered foundation Morgans.
We learn that they were seldom built from landed rents alone, but depended on the fruits of political office, speculation in government stock, marriage settlements, city finance and banking, the law, and colonial plantations.
A new development: An improved aluminum-welded spanner appeared among the government stock numbers.
it has a capitalisation of $80m, six listed companies, two stock brokers complemented by two portfolio managers running eight unit trust schemes, one government stock and three debentures.
Within three years of the founding of the Bank of England and government stock in 1694, Parliament reported that a group of stockbrokers "unlawfully Combined and Confederated themselves together, to raise or fall from time to time the Value .
The Dublin exchange had a unique beginning, since almost from the start the Irish authorities regulated entry into the exchange by licensing those who could trade government stock.
Despite that, a record auction of pounds 5 billion worth of Government stock attracted bids worth 2.
This would principally involve advising how to spread risk between shares, property and fixed interest holdings such as Government stock.
The major advantages of Corporate Bonds are that they are capital gains tax free and that typically a higher rate of interest can be obtained than on UK Government stock (gilts).
1% controlling stake - and the responsibility for management - it waived its rights to the rest of the Government stock so that it could be sold to the public.
The Treasury announces that the Government Stock interest rate of Malta in 2018 (IV) of Floating Rate, linked to the six-month Euribor for the period of 5 March 2018 and 4 September 2018 (both dates inclusive) is of 0.
The Government of India has announced the sale of new Inflation Indexed Government Stock - 2023 for a notified amount of 1,000 crore through yield-based auction .
Seven major investors including fund managers,insurance companies and retail brokers took up the permanent interest bearing shares which return a rate of 7%, 2% over the relevant benchmark government stock.
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