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a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System

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Appendix Government Paper on fuel poverty: 'Cutting the Cost of Keeping Warm - A New Fuel Poverty Strategy for England'
This is particularly true in the case of investment in the government paper and other securities which account for 85 per cent of overall investment by banks.
Germany aims to achieve a structurally balanced budget from 2014 and reduce its public debt to 73% of gross domestic product in 2016 from 82% this year, a government paper obtained by Reuters showed on Wednesday.
During the first seven months of 2010, China not only refrained from buying any more US government paper, but even began to sell its holdings.
A GOVERNMENT paper has suggested Britain should mark the Pope's visit by asking him to open an abortion clinic, bless a gay marriage and launch a range of condoms.
That didn't stop investors from piling into Treasuries, however, as a bout of profit-taking in global equities, the Thanksgiving holiday and month-end demand burnished the allure of low but relatively safe returns on government paper.
A leaked British Government paper recently said that Israel had not only failed to curb settlement expansion, as promised at last year's Annapolis peace summit, but that settlement growth had accelerated.
Granma, the government paper, said "the socialist principle of distribution will be achieved wherein everyone earns in accordance with his contribution, in other words, pay in accordance with quality and quantity.
The death toll from traffic accidents in 2007 totaled 5,744, marking the seventh consecutive yearly drop and the first fall to the 5,000 level since 1953, a government paper reported Tuesday.
A Government paper to be published in the next few months is expected to suggest ministers consider an overhaul of driver training in a bid to cut the toll.
One theory for why these folks are parking their money in our government paper is that they can't intermediate that wealth fast enough at home.
A large part of the long-term government paper (PIBs) of 3, 5, 10 and 20 years tenors was supposed to be unloaded in the market by the banks/DFIs and meant eventually for corporate sector and individuals looking for long-term investment.
The mantra of the past decade has been, "Why lend for a certain loss when you can buy government paper for a small but certain profit?
The huge government contract has stabilized market standards and price, and has also elevated Great White, a major government paper contractor, to become one of the country's most respected paper companies.
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