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an office where government employees work

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Education, equally distributed through the masses, brings the son of a porter into a government office to decide the fate of some man of merit or some landed proprietor whose door-bell his father may have answered.
A clerk in the employ of the Rothchilds corresponds with all England; another, in a government office, may communicate with all the prefects; but where the one learns the way to make his fortune, the other loses time and health and life to no avail.
No one comes or stays in the government offices but idlers, incapables, or fools.
Moreover, these gentry who lead snug lives in government offices may talk and talk, but their words are not good to eat, so I have come back here again to draw my pay out of the commonalty," he said, striking the mud with his spade.
He regretted the streets, the pavements, the cafes, his friends of many years; all the things he used to see, day after day; all the thoughts suggested by familiar things--the thoughts effortless, monotonous, and soothing of a Government clerk; he regretted all the gossip, the small enmities, the mild venom, and the little jokes of Government offices.
The lama did not wake till the evening life of the city had begun with lamp-lighting and the return of white-robed clerks and subordinates from the Government offices.
THREE Welsh language campaigners have been arrested in Aberystwyth after vandalising the town's Welsh Government offices.
We can then assume from the government office that our rich southern friends do not smoke, drink or suffer obesity, I would have thought it more likely with them having a greater disposable income.
All government offices, agencies, instrumentalities, bureaus, shall now coordinate with the PAGASA official time pieces and devices," Valte said in a Palace press briefing.
At the upcoming visit, Shimizu intends to apologize and thank members of a task force set up at the government office to deal with the nuclear crisis, TEPCO said, adding that plans for the president to visit a shelter had not been finalized.
NEW regional Government offices are being created - months after the coalition decided to axe existing centres.
Around 200 people work for Government Office North West (GONW) across the region, and the closure of the Pier Head premises could lead to up to 60 job losses.
Already Government Office staff have been told to scale back their activities.
PCS says it's best done by the people who know the turf the staff based in Birmingham in the Government Office.
Far from being voices of their regions, the Government Offices were "agents of Whitehall" interfering in local decisionmaking, he said.
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