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Earlier, the chief minister visited all under construction/ renovation parts and enclosures of the National Stadium and directed the local government minister to get it completed by March 22.
Asked whether Government ministers were muddying the waters on this issue and that it was creating issues for the Government campaign, Ms Doherty said: "I reject that.
Local government minister Inayatullah Khan said the people of the province were sick of the outdated politics and preferred the Jamaat-i-Islami to the parties believing in political stereotypes.
He said it is a question mark that despite the huge development budget of Rs21 billion for 2016-17 and Rs28 billion in 2017-18, Shoro, being the local government minister, has not initiated any mega development work in Hyderabad.
But this work would start in full swing when one track of Submarine Chowrangi Underpass would be open for traffic,' he said and directed Local Government Minister Jam Khan Shoro to complete the work on the underpass by next Sunday so that he could open it for traffic on next Monday,' he added.
Replying to the notice, the Sindh Local Government Minister said that the repairing work has been ongoing for two-day in the locations pointed out earlier by the MPA.
5 million users of Uber stranded," Greg Hands, the government minister for London, wrote on Twitter late on Friday.
Scottish Government ministers last month approved proposals for a tennis and golf centre on green belt land on the outskirts of the Perthshire town where Judy's sons Andy and Jamie grew up.
A delegation of the prominent businessmen led by Siraj Kasim Teli who called on Sindh Local Government Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon on Friday said that the installation of desalination plant to convert the seawater into potable was an excellent effort of the minister and assured that business community would fully cooperate with the Sindh government in resolving the water crisis.
They will be helped by adults who have also experience of being in care and who Government Minister Kris understand the challenges they face.
In a letter obtained by the ECHO, local government minister Brandon Lewis said he stood by his comments about the council spending taxpayers' cash on Beatles memorabilia, luxury cars and high-salaried spin doctors.
ATHENS, Greece, Jumada I 19, 1435, Mar 20, 2014, SPA -- Greek riot police clashed with protesters who gathered outside the office of a government minister Thursday, the second day of a nationwide civil servants' strike.
13) that we should "admit it's possible to run the town on such savage government cuts" and that we should "challenge a Government minister to see if he can run Teesside on zero cash".
Summary: An Afghan Government minister has survived a bomb attack on his motorcade in northern Afghanistan.
An Afghan government minister survived a bomb attack on his motorcade in northern Afghanistan on Sunday, the second assault on a high-profile politician in two days.
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