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a special law-enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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The government man leaves for town with all his appetites satisfied.
The ridiculous enterprise is finally terminated when the bus runs out of gas, and all parties head their separate ways home, the government man accompanying Peabody.
As the government man departs, Peabody turns to see his wife in her original pose of languid seductiveness, chewing gum.
When Mac and George are introduced to the government man, they immediately infer that he is a prohibition agent and bolt from the store through specially constructed escape hatches in the walls.
Faulkner's government man has no demons to escape and no crimes to flee.
One vehicle for gaining this understanding is a five-dollar bill that the government man tries to use on several occasions to pay for bootleg whiskey, food, the services of a whore, and finally gasoline.
Clytie's unfaithfulness is introduced in the second chapter when Peabody explains to the government man about "the preacher.
Regarding God, the government man gave a definite yes, citing work afoot that will show us how faith and science can be comfortably reconciled.
He was naturally questioned repeatedly about this by government man Philip Mallone but continued to deny that anti- competitive behavior lay at the heart of his actions.
We seem to be going backwards in some cases or maybe we, the working classes, are getting too educated for Mr Government man, so they try to discourage folk by charging for education.
He told how in that time of George II a Sheffield mob ran the government agent out of town, York greatly abused its government candidate and in Leeds Cloth Hall merchants made the ultimate sacrifice - stopping making their "brass" in order to turn their back on the rhetoric of their government man.
Prescott's demands from Railtrack will also include for the first time a Government man on the company's board to champion consumers' rights.
WHILE not supporting strikes, it seems to me that Mr Government Man just does not listen to the ordinary man in the street and the only way to try to communicate is to strike.
No, Mr Government Man is and, like Mr Del Monte, the planners are instructed to say yes to most things.
You can do the job properly or Mr Government Man will take it away from you and give it to somebody else and Postman Pat and his cat will be no more.
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