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He said that under the RTI law citizen requests for data access to any government department through RTC.
The Dubai Police have arrested a man who allegedly hacked into the e-system of a government department and carried out several illegal transactions.
The new regulation stipulates that any new activity, or change, renewal, or stopping a licensed activity should be carried out with the permission from the ministry and other government department related to the activity.
The redundancy bill in just seven Government departments soared by 125 per cent this year, despite brutal cuts ordered by the Chancellor.
HUNDREDS of civil servants in two government departments are to go on strike in a move that will affect offices including Newcastle.
HRH the Premier urged new innovative concepts to achieve these goals, calling for an overhaul of the institutional culture in government departments to be more methodical in work.
Summary: The General Auditing Bureau in Saudi Arabia has accused some government departments of mishandling their budgets, reports Arab News.
The topics covered by the presentation included adequate explanations of Dubai eGovernment's role in providing a number of synergistic services to help government departments to provide their services to the public.
The winners in the category of Best Government Department were as follows:
They are being pressured to pay the cash back, but it was the Government department that made the mistake, so why should the family suffer?
The landmark judgment could mean the government department will be forced to reluctantly pay out millions to a long queue of other contractors, including many in Wales, who are still waiting to be paid for disposing of millions of livestock during Britain's foot- and-mouth outbreak.
Government Department of Defense Personnel (Foreign Service Nationals):
But when the town applied to the local government department to use the name in the title of the new council it was told it had to have a letter's patent to use the name.
Surnumeraire Jacot-Presset's fawning letters to his superiors in the Ministry of the Interior (the most famously corrupt government department of the July Monarchy) were not, we are told, motivated by self-interest but the gentleman's defence of his and his family's honor.
The Department of National Defence was the only government department to receive a significant increase in program funding over the two-year period.
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