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While I'm writing this article, the camp in front of the Government building is dispersed.
At one moment a police officer unlocked the protective fence letting protestors come closer to the government building.
SI Restoration a locally owner restoration company, has recently received approval to work on federal government buildings by getting their GSA.
Yesterday morning, several dozen Metinvest workers in overalls and helmets were busy clearing out the barricades outside the government building.
Mariupol, the second-largest city in the Donetsk region, was one of the cities where pro-Russian protesters seized control of government buildings.
The insurgents have been occupying government buildings in more than 10 cities and are refusing to leave.
7 ( ANI ): Hundreds and thousands of pro-Russian demonstrators stormed government buildings in several major cities in eastern Ukraine.
A man suffering from smoke inhalation is rushed away after being rescued from a burning government building in Lahore, Pakistan PICTURE: Daniel Berehulak/Getty
Similarly, the major projects that are under implementation include Duqm airport, main roads, approach roads to the port, sewage treatment plant, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Oman Dry Dock Housing facility, ROP building, government building, urban design, baseline study and rocks garden fencing.
What is the matter with the man when he has the opportunity to encourage wind generators on every Government Building in Wales?
Summary: Libyan and Tunisia signed an understanding memorandum for cooperation between Libyan and Tunisia in the fields of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Government building in Tunis last night.
Commissioned; sixty years percentage for art programme at the Dutch Government Building Agency.
Georgia legislators are promoting a bill that would permit display of the Ten Commandments in every government building in the state, including public schools.
The important finding here is that people near a religious building reported more conservative social and political attitudes than similar people near a government building," explains coauthor Wade Rowatt, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience.
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