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Synonyms for government

Synonyms for government

the continuous exercise of authority over a political unit

a system by which a political unit is controlled

authoritative control over the affairs of others

Synonyms for government

(government) the system or form by which a community or other political unit is governed

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The Library of Congress' offering of LOCIS, even back in 1993, demonstrates several trends and approaches to presenting and organizing government information on the Internet.
Universal human rights seek to incorporate respect for human dignity into the processes of government and law.
But our founders had a very different idea - a limited federal government with only enumerated powers, that would be incapable of such an intrusive and domineering role.
In the wake of the September 11th attacks, the champions of big government are in a frenzy of anticipation.
The document claims the government is dedicated to ".
By combining EzGov's software with IBM's middleware and hardware, government customers will get the reliability, scalability and security required to provide transactional services over the Web.
Government financial statements, in other words, focus on short-term financing while the private sector's emphasize an organization's ability to enhance its economic resources over the long-term.
Government agencies and entities (IRS, Social Security Administration, White House, state agencies) have led the way in establishing-Websites for disseminating information, allowing the filing of tax and other information returns, paying taxes and other services.
Tony Merchant, a Saskatchewan-based lawyer who represents about half the aboriginal plaintiffs across Canada, says the vast majority of his clients are not interested in suing the churches and did not name them, only the government.
Bush, that the money government collects in order to carry out its business properly belongs to the people themselves.
Reagan's men wanted to "kill the beast" of government (not noticing how much Carter's budget cuts had already starved it), and Gingrich's gang eventually forced Clinton to declare the "era of big government" over.
with graph), Mr27-8 The Supreme Court and You, Ja9-10 A Talk With Ben Franklin, Ja9-5 Three Branches of Government (poster), Ja9 U.
For hundreds of years, the corporate legal status of a municipality--often no bigger than a neighborhood--limited attempts by higher levels of government to infringe on local prerogatives.
Increases the universe of government documents from 8 million to 40 million;
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