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The current rules for school governing bodies have been in place since 1996.
Earlier, ruling Awami League lawmakers used to head the governing bodies and politicised school and college administrations.
The award provides a benchmark against which governing bodies can assess their effectiveness.
The Golf Union have become a real champion in the promotion of insport to other sports governing bodies and we are grateful for their support.
However, Horse Racing Ireland and the Turf Club, and the ATP World Finals and Tennis Integrity Unit, were not included "due to uncertainty regarding their constitutions as sports governing bodies.
The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) said it agreed wholeheartedly with the Ofsted report, released yesterday which revealed that the most effective governing bodies were those which built on good relationships with school leaders to drive forward improvements.
She said: "Nationally there is only about one missing governor per school and the majority of governing bodies have at least 12 people.
Many managers and governing bodies would be delighted were it only possible to "outsource" their responsibility for internal control and financial reporting to someone else.
The new members of the Executive Committee and Board of Governors are leaders in the real estate industry and will be important contributors for the two governing bodies of the Real Estate Board," said Steven Spinola, REBNY President.
THE IRISH Sports Council last night announced a 10 per cent increase in Government funding for the National Governing Bodies of sport.
Usually, in church governing bodies, it does, both at CoGS and in the membership of the committees that report to council.
Again, since the CPE has yet to be established, is not a commitment to continuous learning, as required by new credential governing bodies proof of an "as-yet-unspecified" requirement?
Furthermore], they apply equally to all public-sector entities, irrespective of whether [their] governing bodies are elected or appointed, and whether or not they comprise a group .
Playing by the rules: The deadline for filing with baseball's governing bodies the intention to discuss negotiating Player Development Contracts (PDC's) with team's other than current affiliates passed over the weekend.