governing board

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a board that manages the affairs of an institution

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Hanna Skandera, New Mexico Secretary of Education, speaking on behalf of the PARCC Governing Board said, "The states worked together to develop the highest-quality test the country has ever had.
In his new role, Al Hammadi joins a panel of 19 AC governing board members from countries including the US, South Africa, China, Brazil, Canada, Romania and Mexico.
AC Governing Board members help to ensure the organizational alignment of the Atlanta Centre and promote a strong worldwide spirit of cooperation.
The SAC, Governing Board, on the occasion praised Pakistan for developing state-of-the-art National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), which they said was not only contributing for the agricultural development of Pakistan but could play an important role in regional agriculture development.
Cacdac, Governing Board Vice Chairman; Estrellita Hizon, Alexander Asuncion, Felix M.
Al Awar said: "With my appointment as Chairman of the UNESCO IITE Governing Board, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to God Almighty, H.
Khan is also quite close to the prime minister and therefore no other member of the Governing Board is likely to file nomination papers to contest the election against him, the report added.
Governing boards must have a complete understanding of accrediting standards and the time required to plan and conduct self-studies.
All nonprofit organizations need a governing board that is fully engaged in and supportive of the mission of the organization.
A screening committee of The Florida Bar Board of Governors has been appointed to review the applications for the public member position, conduct final interviews, and make recommendations to the Bar's governing board during its March meeting in Pensacola.
Central to this vision is the implementation of independent institutional governing boards systemwide.
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has urged oil producers to take action to protect the economy and welcomed commitments to raise output, members said in a statement at a regular two-day governing board meeting.
The president also serves as the chair of the governing board of the Central Bank.
Dental hygienists licensed by the board would be allowed to practice as a public health hygienist and may provide dental hygiene services as part of a dental health program operated through the Department for Public Health or a governing board of health.
Based on a growing body of empirical research and theory, three strategic factors appear to be crucial for enhancing the innovation management capacity of local government: leadership credibility, team management, and a well-functioning governing board.