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the body of people who are citizens of a particular government

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But the rules that governed the behavior of these archaic humans were mostly instinctive, not learned.
The final regulations narrow slightly the scope of opinions governed by Circular 230 compared with the proposed regulations.
But it will govern how he feels day to day, and that has always governed how we use him.
Snyder's early essays on dramatic structure in Romeo and Juliet and Othello are landmark studies that argue for Shakespeare's manipulation of comic and tragic laws: in Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare establishes a "comedy-into-tragedy" design in which comic elements like Friar Laurence and the Nurse become irrelevant in a tragedy governed by love's urgent dimension; as well, Snyder informs us that Othello's construction is based on the typical comic conventions that Shakespeare unpacks for their tragic implications.
Second, international investment is already governed by a system of rules at the bilateral and multilateral level that provides basic stability and clarifies the rights and responsibilities of investors and states.
ONE OF THE strengths of the way in which the Anglican church is governed lies in a process for elections to boards and committees that allows, every three years, for a dramatic infusion of new blood, while never completely abandoning the wisdom and vision of those with the experience of service.
Thus, the Service urges that once the loss becomes nonpassive, it can only be an NOL, which is not governed by Sec.
If we believe in the democratic principle of allowing the governed to participate in the governing process, how do we exclude the voices of six million athletes in the policies directly affecting their lives?
usually are governed separately, because usually each is represented by a separate profit and loss statement that is defined by the revenues generated by billing for its procedures and the expenses generated to maintain the business in a form that physicians and patients will use for medical care services.
We further assume that the oxidation reaction is governed by a first order rate equation.
The Fund is effectively governed by the board of trustees of Calpine Commercial Trust ("CCT), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fund.
Conventional wisdom persuades us that the only way to achieve "peace, order and good government," as our constitution states, is to be governed by a party that might receive as little as 38% of the votes, hold 65% of the seats and yet govern as if it had 100% of everything.
The key thing of all of this is never to give up and never think that (California) cannot be governed,'' Schwarzenegger was quoted as saying.
Under pre-TRA law, the source of losses on stock sales was governed by Sec.
Activities of the organized medical staff are further governed by a supplementary document called "medical staff bylaws.
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