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1 There is no good governance without democracy, participatory process and accountability.
To that end, the study focused on three fundamental principles of corporate governance (openness, integrity and accountability) cited in a document, known as the Cadbury report, produced in 1992 by the United Kingdom's committee on the financial aspects of corporate governance.
Dot-coms, almost without exception, are putting financially oriented executives with strong personal interest in the company--investment bankers, venture capitalists, angels or large shareholders--on their boards," says Robert Lear, who writes on governance issues regularly for CE and is the former CEO of F.
DARMSTADT, Germany -- Software AG today announced the Active Governance Framework to help organizations fully realize the business benefits of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and better manage and control their SOA initiatives.
We look for a nominating committee and a corporate governance committee or the equivalent.
Designed after extensive dialogue with some of the world's most ambitious adopters of outsourcing, the Governance Excellence Program is the first and only offering of its kind in the global sourcing marketplace.
More and more companies have corporate governance committees, or the equivalent and the independent director's role in selecting new directors, appointing committee members, influencing management succession, and in evaluating the performance of CEOs, the boards, and the individual directors seems to be getting stronger.
By improving processes and control effectiveness, ACTIVE Governance is helping leading companies like JDSU leverage their compliance investments and realize better business results," said Chris Capdevila, CEO of LogicalApps.
Now, nearly 20 years and some 104 columns, nine book reviews, and five articles later, I realize that I have been a participating witness to the corporate governance evolution/revolution.
ACTIVE Governance is the first solution to embed governance policies and processes directly into an ERP system.
While the strong trend toward "enlightened corporate governance" continues - with many more boards appointing governance committees, issuing corporate-governance policies, adopting formal CEO and board evaluation programs, and taking a chunk of their pay in company stock - we still found, to our dismay, a number of companies whose CEOs and directors seem to have thumbed their noses at such strategies.
Other corporate governance initiatives proposed in the Action Plan cover: achieving better information on the role played by institutional investors in corporate governance; giving further emphasis to the principle of proportionality between capital and control: offering to listed companies the choice between the one-tier and two-tier board structures; and enhancing directors' responsibilities for financial and key non-financial statements.
Castellani, Business Roundtable president, to discuss the group's approach to the widespread changes in corporate governance following the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and how the accounting profession can work more closely with the organization to bring about improvements.
The European Commission, the institution responsible for initiating European legislation, consulted throughout the summer on its 24-point action plan called "Modernizing Company Law and Enhancing Corporate Governance in the EU.
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