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Synonyms for governable

capable of being governed

Synonyms for governable

capable of being controlled


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and distilled six propositions for future research on how accounting can be brought to bear onto the governable and calculable aspects of knowledge management.
The referendum is an effort to make Italy a more governable country--it's had 63 governments in 70 years--by curbing the power of its Senate and strengthening the power of its Prime Minister, who would serve a five-year term as head of the party with a majority in parliament.
Governable females, in that era's logic, made good wives and good nuns.
Twinned with a new, two-round voting system for the lower house, the changes should finally make Italy a governable country, Renzi says.
Following Foucault's analytics, power is projected via the disciplining of bodies and the governing of populations in order to produce "disciplined and governable individuals and populations.
Maybe we should all start wearing baseball caps that say,"Make America governable again.
Granger insisted that despite the recent upheaval, Congress is governable.
These technologies thus radically enhance the capacity for species-being, becoming a vital part of our biopolitical capital: while altering our apparently otherwise lifeless planetary exterior into a malleable and thus governable locus of life, their mediatic operations assist humans to overcome their biological and geographical limitations and proceed as a collective towards becoming more-than-human.
Wang defined software engineering as a field that studies the nature of software approaches and its methodologies in large-scale software evolution, theories and policies behind software behavior and its practices, intending at high productivity, affordable, governable and measurable development schedule.
He notes that while Marx identified the issue, the solution he devised and those of governments across the political spectrum have failed egregiously: "This ghost [of alienation] is not the worst of our modern horrors; but it reminds us that not every society is governable, and that there are political problems which cannot be solved by economic policy" (114).
On the political front, this year we launched a comprehensive effort to leverage our political arm in a way that would significantly impact the kind of pro-business, governable leaders we need to elect.
Can Turkey be governable if Erdoy-an continues to exert his power over the decision-making processes of the government?
To be able to develop and strengthen democracy, countries must be governable.
The megacities of the global south aren't governed or governable in the way that Tokyo or London or New York are governed.