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Synonyms for governable

capable of being governed

Synonyms for governable

capable of being controlled


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Successful candidates from the overseas divisions in the 2006 election gave Romano Prodi's Government an opportunity to have a majority in both houses and we, the MPs elected from abroad, made Italy governable.
One might still believe that governable interference will make things worse, that it will lead to manipulation that renders religion and politics worse than they would otherwise be.
Through an historical study of regularization programs in Canada from 1960 to 2004, we can explore the ways in which populations of non-status immigrants become governed and governable.
The act of federating to all content--created in document management systems, collaboration programs, file systems, e-mail applications, e-mail archives and more- means it is potentially governable under one umbrella.
Some dwelt beside the sea and some sailed upon it, and they knew its vastness, its depths, and the often strange teeming life therein; unfathomable and turbulent, governable only by Divine might.
s (1975) 'Report on Governability' argued that "democratic citizens must be made more governable and more able to service capital" (Davies and Bansel, 2007, p.
intervention in Iraq and the effort to build some kind of democracy there, a simple but gnawing question has lurked in the background: Was Iraq the way Iraq was (a dictatorship) because Saddam was the way Saddam was, or was Saddam the way Saddam was because Iraq was the way Iraq was - a collection of warring sects incapable of self-rule and only governable with an iron fist?
Nation states must become transparently governable in order to allow and foster transformation on a global scale.
Lodge and Kalitowski argue that: "Societies are more complex and less governable than ever before" (Lodge and Kalitkowski 2007: 7) and that these trends are undermining the legitimacy of governments.
In such an event, every election would harden racial differences and make the country less governable.
Time and again as his analysis of the economy proceeds, Posner is led to ask whether America is governable, whether its political institutions are capable of meeting the challenge posed by the present or any other economic collapse.
Saleh, a wily operator who since 1978 has bought off tribal loyalties and stitched them together into a governable framework, has refused to sign the accord and warned that his ouster would only serve to boost Al-Qaeda.
So, the Arab World is composed of many "states" that up until now have been governable only through repression.
Companies have their own technologies of power for making people governable.