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Synonyms for govern

Synonyms for govern

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to exercise the authority of a sovereign

to keep the mechanical operation of (a device) within proper parameters

to exercise authority or influence over

Synonyms for govern

bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage

direct or strongly influence the behavior of

Related Words

exercise authority over

require to be in a certain grammatical case, voice, or mood

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com)-- Management Solutions for Government (MS Govern), a division of Harris Computer Systems, is pleased to announce that the Kenai Peninsula Borough has added the Govern Business Tax Suite to their MS Govern Software Suite.
The Ship Recycling page has a detailed overview of the IMO's moves to govern the disassembly and recycling of ships.
But because every country is different, policymakers have found it difficult to delineate consistent rules to govern entry and post-entry conditions.
For all their potential failings, allowing elected representatives to govern us is the only way for a democracy to work.
Why have they no voice in the development of the rules that govern their eligibility and their efforts on the field?
However, if we continue to neglect our Kidneys, worrying and not giving her enough water, she begins to drop more and more of her responsibilities--memory, hearing, sexual function, and eventually life itself, as the Kidneys govern the length of our lives.
International Litigation - This is a comprehensive book to help businesses understand the laws that govern dispute resolution around the world and gain familiarity with the varied legal proceedings of foreign countries.
Which section governs the treatment of suspended PALs after a corporate changeover from a C to an S year?
Because, in a capitalist economy, we govern entities defined by profit and loss statements.
Many of the NPOs they govern provide critical community-based services in health, housing, education, and the arts.
The current regulations govern advice by a practitioner on the Federal tax aspects of a tax shelter appearing or referred to in offering materials, or used or referred to in connection with sales promotion efforts and directed to persons other than the client who engaged the practitioner to give the advice.
For 24 years, GOVERNING has provided state and local leaders with the non-partisan information, insight and intelligence needed to govern effectively.
I should also note that neither the plan the Assembly drafted for its districts nor the proposals crafted by the state Senate to govern their districts and California's congressional delegation are final.
The process of open source software development regularly involves the assembly of open source code with invented and reused components, and as a result, various licenses can govern various parts of an application.
Of course governing should be left to the ``experts,'' he believed; voters in a democracy are just too easily duped by pandering populists to be trusted to govern themselves.